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ATI Catalyst 4.2 available

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Just a heads-up for those who have ATI Radeon-based videocards. The Catalyst 4.2 drivers are available from ATI's download pages.

I haven't tried them out myself, so I don't have any good info here for you. Performance for the DirectX 8 compatible/oriented Radeons has been improved - the 9200, 9000 & 8500 families (though it may be barely noticeable in CM). I don't know (and I somewhat doubt) that antialiasing/text issues in CM have been fixed, but it may be worth a look/try.

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To clarify, are these drivers the official release of the beta ones Madmatt's been E-mailing by request to those with 8000? and 9000 series ATI video cards afflicted with psychedelic displays and such?


Please describe your rig's particulars. If it's a Mac, do the new drivers support dust and smoke transparency? Having played CMAK with transparency working on a rented 400 MHz G4 w/ 16 MB ATI Rage/Rage Pro, and sice the household rig will likely be a late G4 dual OS tower, I am most anxious to know whether the new drivers can not only end the psychedelics but return the missing transparency.


John Kettler

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John, these are PC/Windows drivers. They're not for the Mac and they are different from the beta drivers that Madmatt is offering for Mac users of the Radeon 8500/9000 family.

Unfortunately while the new beta driver fixes the psychadelic colors it doesn't support transparencies (alpha-blending) for several effects, including smoke (and dust too I believe). The RAVE developer at ATI was notified of this, but apparently there seems to be nothing that can be done right now. This will probably be true of the release drivers (once they do get released). Earlier Radeons (7000 series and earlier) work fine with CM and will show all of the effects, unfortunately they're no longer sold by Apple in their systems (or as an option).

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i don't have issues with menus, tabbing in and out, or dust

or anything else for that matter

i just don't get fog (which as been true for some time now)

this is a dell 3.2ghz, gig of ram, XP, ati 9800pro vid

i've never had any of the many different problems brought up in this forum on this machine or my notebook (in the case of the notebook we're talking nvidia go chipset - main problem there being typical lack of performance video wise - although the latest gen of notebooks are finally coming out with upgradeable vid cards - so the days of not using a notebook for CM may finally come to an end)

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Uh... this is the problem with driver updates of 'universal drivers': bugs may be experienced by particular videocards/chipsets that aren't seen on others. It's possible that this problem remains on 9200s (and possibly 9000 & 9100s), but may not be seen on some of the newer cards.

I have yet to load up some systems with the newer ATI cards I have, so I haven't been able to confirm specific bugs, etc.

You posted in another thread about this, but I'll repeat it here. Uninstall your Catalyst drivers completely (i.e. - do not reinstall other drivers before rebooting). If you're running Rage3D Tweaker, uninstall it too (temporarily). After rebooting you can then reinstall your older drivers that weren't giving you problems. Hopefully your issue will disappear. If it doesn't, then uninstalling again and cleaning out the registry of ATI related settings may be necessary.

Its possible that a registry setting may correct this problem, but I don't know what it would be. There's a possibility that any 'fix' may also reduce speed (such as disabling 'HyperZ').

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Sorry, Schrull.

I uninstalled the driver and Rage3D, then rebooted. After that, I ran the dedicated ATI software uninstaller, and finally deleted the rest of the "support" folder under /ATI.

After that, I installed the January bundle pack and Rage3D. I rebooted, set Zmask off from Rage3D, and AA to "application... " and 2x from the Catalyst panel. And rebooted.


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