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New DIF Lobby Server Change, details inside!!!

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Hi everyone! Due to persistent issues on our former server, we have recently moved the lobby system to a new server. Unfortuantly, for people that already have the game, there is no way for us to automatically change your games configuration to SEE this new server. However, by performing the steps listed below you should be able to connect and play on the new server.

The change involves editing a single config file and we are going to try and make this as painless as possible for you.

Here is the process to manually edit your "servers.config" file (located in your Down in Flames "bin" folder) so that it can connect to the new server.

To do so, browse into you Down in Flames game folder, then open the "bin" folder and then open the "servers.config" file with Windows notepad and edit it so that is looks like this (just the text below the 'code:' line)

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"><servers>

<server name="BFC" address="downinflamesgames.com" port="8080" default="true"/>



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Yo Matt,

Been a fair while since I last played DIF but as I have been at

a loose end last few days I decided to have a fly. I cannot

of course connect to the server and your above info makes

as much sense as chinese would to me.

This is what my server.config file reads as on Notepad, please

tell me in english that an idiot like me can easily understand.


<server name="BFC" address="downinflamesonline.com" port="8080" default="false"/>




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Ok ignore my last post this old fart managed to work it out.

I do though have another query. I have this game on the

older of my 2 machines and wondered how I go about

putting on my newer machine. Although it was a long time

ago I am fairly sure I purchased the full monty for the game

and wondered if there was a link I could go to that would

let me download the install to my new machine.



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Im on a roll... I managed to find the email I got when I bought the game and from

there it was easy to re-download the game. I got it all up and running and have

my full roster of experienced pilots but it wont allow me to update their pictures

with the ones I used before. Any ideas how to sort this as I get an error whenever

I try to.


(And no I dont think I can solve this one :( )

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I know this is a really old thread - but, I have just reinstalled DiF \ EF after many years of not being able to find the disk!!!

I cant get this server change to work - can you make it a bit clearer as to where the changes to the config files begin and end for me? Or have the servers changed again?

I'm really keen to get into a campaign, but until I can connect to a server, thats not going to happen!!

Hope you can help,



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