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Foxhole problem in Carantan Op V2

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Note: Also posted in scenario talk.

I have a question: Can foxholes normally be seen from the start of battle in the middle of an OP?

I am currently playing the Carentan Op v.2 as PBEM. I am the Germans (defenders) and he is Allied (attacker). Upon the first turn of the 3rd Battle (a dawn battle after the 1st night) I was able to see his foxholes but no soldiers (I have the feeling it was all of them but I am not sure), all of which were around 200m away and in woods and tall pines.

I didn't know if this was normal or not, so I didn't say anything (figuring that it might alert him to my own foxholes and thus give away my distribution of troops if he hadn't seen it already). Also, because I didn't think it was normal, I chose to keep troops stationary and did not drop arty on them.

Around turn 15 (now that the foxholes don't matter), I mentioned it to him and he said he could not see my foxholes (which were placed in similar terrain around the map). It doesn't make sense to me that I could see his foxholes but that he couldn't see mine. My platoons were grouped together and they didn't seem to have any particular LOS advantage.

Don't know if it is important or not, but we both opted to skip the night battle.

So, once again, is this supposed to happen? And, if so, why for the defender and not the attacker?

I originally posted this on Blitzkrieg's CM ladder board and the ladder custodian had the same thing happen and suggested I post here.


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I don't play operations often, so I can't tell you from first hand experience. However, to my knowledge this is a bug in CMBO. I'm not absolutely sure on this, but it has been seen before, duplicated and discussed on these forums. You'll probably have to search the 2001 archive to find the relevant thread(s).

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