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Video game hardworkers


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Originally posted in Strategic Command forum because I support the developer as a lone developer myself.

I want to state there is something wrong with today's release and publishing of video game.

This year we had Silent Hunter 4 by Ubisoft(bad shape when released), Theatre of war by Battlefront released with Anuman in France (there is no way to start it up as per today), Napoleon's campaigns by Ageod released by Nobilis (there is no way to patch it and need to be downloaded as a whole), CMSF by Battlefront released by Paradox where bullets shoot trough houses and Strategic Command 2 by Fury released by Anuman where the patches take months to cross the Atlantic when they do. I have Matrix games too.

For 15 years I have been involved with video games (playing and developing). I know bugs are hard to find out, but I know what time and work hours might do when energy is spent inside a system where all partners are respectfull.

Now, when jungle rules are in use only the worse is to be awaited and I am perhaps better off, playing all the old games they do work and many boardgames. this way not having to update a costly hardware.

This was the message from a customer to the hardworkers of the "quality" video game industry.

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