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Arrrgh I broke my campaign!!!!!!


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Some taster eye candy from play testing to drum up support & some help to get this fixed....

Infantry in the Bocage [ Mission 1 ]


Captured Village & broken stuff [ Mission 2 ]


Overrun outpost positions [ Mission 1 ]


Frundsberg Hill 112 defense line [ Mission 3 ]


Tommies Vs Tigers! [ Mission 3 ] (Binned this, it was crap!) :D


Sherman Fireflys prepare to fend off a Frundsberg armoured assault [ Mission 3 ]


Hitlerjugend Stugs & Infantry advancing through mortar barrage [ Mission 2 ]


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Looking good!

Please make it playable with the German-side to.

Lose the Stug's with the 12.SS-pnz.div"Hitlerjugend" they didnt had them.

Hill 112 is O.K with me . if you promise to make a complete campaign on the Caen-sector

Brother Finn was making a beatiful german-camo mod, now, that would go nicely with this work.

Keep up the good work!!

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I agree it looks really good!

About my mod, annoyingly its almost done but I have limited time at the moment to finish it off. Basically right at the beginning I made an assumption that the hook names were the same for all models, which was wrong and I didn't notice it until after I'd filled in the database. The net result is that people run around with their backpacks and other equipment at their feet. The solution is to change the references to models with the correct hooks. Pretty easy but a tedious job due to the number of units in my database. Apart from that it's just a case of saving the graphics in the right format. I've already made a list of which models to use for which equipment set, but can't find my notes after moving house so I may have to start that part again. After the 29th I'll have a lot more time and will do my best to complete it by the end of the weekend after.

I've said this before, but the camo graphics are really peripheral to the mod - in the standard game there are something like a dozen or less available German teams. You're going to end up with well over 100, each of which is available as either a whole team or split into components. All the data for these is in a database so it'll also be easy to expand it with more detail and more variations (eg tweaking skill levels and so on). It also makes it easy to update if the structure of the files changes much with the patch and/or add-on. With the lack of mission building activity I was wondering how much use all of those would be - but with the announced mission wizard I think having every single German infantry unit (apart from assault squads) from the CMx1 games plus a few extra will come in handy after all!

Have fun


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