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Battle for Moscow Add On victory conditions


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The patch really make the game better.

But the bad victory conditions in the game are still there, in fact they seem agravated.

I finished all the single missions and campaigns of the first release, so i am used to check every single brush in the map for that last enemy soldier or disabled tank.

My battle for moscow experience so far.

Love the missions but...

In one of the first missions i had to repeat because i couldn´t find any more germans to kill, and i looked everywhere in the map.

Second try, same thing but i found out a german inf squad hiding outside the game map, scared them away from a distance, because my units can´t get outside the game map and achieved the victory.

Now i am in the 6th mission, For Motherland...

Conquered the enemy trench sistem and a new victory objective kicked in, "Repell the enemy counter attack and hold the ground".

A new enemy wave attacked and...

Well, the enemy seems repelled to me (and dead).

I lost 4 inf soldiers to enemy artillery, captured 5 trenches, took out 5 panzer, 2 PAK, 3 or 4 hevy MG.

Checked the battlefield sistematically for one more hour looking for stray enemy infantry, and no victory.

My guess is that enemy panzer crews or infantry hiding outside the game map are preventing my victory, the problem is that infantry is now harder to find and i am not able to find them from the border of the map.

I repeated the last part of the mission to no avail.

For god sake i am defending, and killed everithing they trow at me, hold the ground with minimum losses, and still no win in sight.

So please Battlefront, next patch or add on, please try to get the 1C boys to fix that bloody ridiculous victory conditions. :(

Thanks in advance.

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Just made the For Motherland mission.

Restarted the mission, and after taking the enemy trenches i withdraw and waited the enemy to enter well in the game map.

No problems afterwards, the mission ended when the attack was repelled.

As i expected when our armor disables enemy units outside the battlemap, the victory triggers fail.

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