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Hello just joined the boards.

I am a longtime CM player who has just picked up this game and I have a few questions from you guys who are bit more experienced with it.

First off is there a way to get your units to hold a certain formation? I have been playing the single missions and I notice that when I say form my infantry up in a particular formation they never hold it, almost always reverting back to the default scattered formation as soon as I turn my back. Like for example I advance through a field in a firing line and reach the trees on the other side, if I don't immediatley issue the hold position command to my troops once they get there they will shake out into scattered formation. Also sometimes the comander just starts randomly running forward?

Secondly, is there away to stop your units roaming about randomly? I am finding a lot that if I don't issue the hold position command at the end of every move I make units of all types will do whatever they like. Sometimes even advancing straight into the enemy's fire without me commanding them too. It seems to happen the most with tanks, you tell them to move to a certain spot and they reach it and then just start driving around doing whatever. It sort of means I really have to baby sit my forces to stop them over extending and being mauled. It'd be great if there was some way to have the game automatically assume your troops will hold after a move unless told otherwise.

Lastly, is there any way to dig in and conceal your guns other than plopping them behind trees?

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