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Any players tried the Russian "Second edition" or the Russian beta update ?


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Good day to you all my fellow forumites!

I was just wondering if any of the Russian players frequenting this here fine old forum have actually bought and tried the Russian second edition that was released on june 22. ?

Lacking any responses to the above it would then be interesting to hear from anybody having downloaded and tried the Russian beta update ?

My main interests is if the save/load game bug has been fixed and if the map editor seems to be working.

Not being able to save and load the game is really a non-starter for me as I have limited timeslots for playing and thus cannot finish the battles in one inning. The suggeted workaround of using quick save/load only works quite infrequently and is thus not a viable solution.

The map editor is very important also as it will probably be the only thing that can give this game some longevity via community created campaigns and single battles.

Any responses on the above are much appreciated.

I want to use this post also to say thank you to the modders that have already started to investigate the modding possibilities (seems to look quite promising) and also created missions for TOW.

I have tried and can recommend very much:

- Action at Yanovo, 7 July 1941 (by Oudy)

- Village Attack (Monstro by Webwing)

- Saving Private Ryan (by Sabai)

Thank you vey much for those nice battles! Hope to see more good stuff from you and others in the future!

All the best

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I'm interested in this too - my Russian is limited to recognising some Cyrillic and getting translations from Google but I'm sure there's a lot of knowledge out there that's relatively untapped from our side.

Have fun


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