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Mods jacked up

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Originally posted by harbinger:

I got a little too mod happy, and now I would like to get rid of the tree and treebase mod I converted. Should I just replace the original files, and if so, which graphics files in particular are they?

By convert I assume you mean you installed something without looking to see what it was. As a general rule with mods I always install everything to an empty folder (and try to save a copy, and yes my hard drive is bloated). That way I'm sure to know what a mod looks like and won't run the risk of dumping folders in my bmp folder (the program doesn't look inside of folders).

The simplest way to deal with this is by using CMMOS. Do you have major space constraints or are you a Mac user ? If not just download and install the latest CMMOS from the CMHQ (I think it has 3.01) and then get the Field and Stream RuleSets and the textures for at least trees and treebases, and you can switch back to Magua or DD's trees and any one of a plethora of treebases and rough terrain. And keep switching in and out until you find something that you like. Then, if you find the "Save Personal Set" icon in the first Field and Stream tab (it's in the bottom row) you can save your favorite natural terrain (doesn't work for buildings) and not worry about the permanent side effects of future experiments, or the fact that six months from now you'll have no idea what went into that terrain that you really liked...

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