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Black screen on GeForce GTS card with CMBB

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I have installed CMBB demo on my W2K workstation, and again when I reformatted and replace it with WXP.

On both O/S, the screen went blank when I started the CMBB demo.

I've got a GeForce GTS with current NVidia drivers. Anti-aliasing was turned off and CMBB was minimized/maximized, and stayed black. My normal screen resolution is 1024x768 @ 72 hz 32 bit. Oh, and it's AMD 1.4G on MSI 6330 Mobo with 1.5G of RAM.

Going to old drivers is not an option for me.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Johnny.

Black screen. Evil piss off damn thing! Got it on my R40 IBM laptop when I installed too.

If you want the long answer, search "Minimize / Restore Blackout?" from Dec 2002 and read the fine work by Peckham. Ah, a CM Saint in my humble eyes. *wipes back the tears*

The quick answer is that your problem is almost certainly the evil Microsoft update #328310. Delete it, burn it, exorcise the infamous thing and your problem will be solved. :D

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Actually, I've now got XP with SP1, and current patches.

As far as drivers goes:

I had 45.23

I now have 52.16

Sounds like that 328310 may already be embedded and uninstallable.

Update: I've now gone back to 45.23 as 52.16 hosed my Command & Conquer installation, and didn't work with CMBB anyways..

[ October 27, 2003, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: Johnny Canuck ]

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From Microsoft's Tech Net:

Wasn’t there a change to the handling of the WM_TIMER message in Windows XP Service Pack 1?

Yes. The WM_TIMER message handling in Windows XP Service Pack 1 was changed and also addresses this issue. We’re delivering a patch for two reasons: to provide the same changes to WM_TIMER for other Windows versions, and to deliver additional changes that have the effect of making certain processes more robust when running in the interactive desktop. Because the patch contains these additional fixes, we recommend that even customers who have applied Windows XP Service Pack 1 also apply the patch.

It would appear that some specific details of the 328310 patch are not part of Windows XP Service Pack 1. The patch supposedly could be applied separately. It will be a part of Service Pack 2 when it comes out. ( Windows XP 328210 patch )
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I think I'll try REAL Leadtek drivers when I get home tonight and not generic NVidia ones.

The current one from them is 43.51.

Update: These don't work either. I think it's time for me to give up and look elsewhere. Onto www.vasl.org.

Thanks for your help folks!!!

[ October 30, 2003, 03:28 PM: Message edited by: Johnny Canuck ]

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