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Dunkirk Frustration


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Ive read of a few people having troubles with the Dunkirk mission on the Germann campaign and was wondering if anyone here can give me some feedback on how the hell you completed this mission. :confused:

Im playing on Veteren level and keep getting anihilated no matter what tactics are employed... flank left, flank right, straight up the guts, feign left flank right, feign centre flank left and right... you get the picture.

What is the technique to deal with the 75 AT guns on the opposite side of the river?

and is there some sort of secret that lets you economically deal with the AT guns on the reverse slope?

I know I must persevere... but Im about ready to chuck in the towel on this one :(

oops...just found a thread on this in the strategy and tactics side

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i dont think its soo hard, but its a major time consumption.

the guns on the far side on the other side of the river are the easiest. eiter you decoy with a 38T as said in some other tread or you take PzIVc directly and hoping they dont got hit, thos guns arent pretty accurate when you have a good position. good thing is the guns dont get remaned when you killed the crew once.

the 2 guns on the reversslope are a bit more tricky. reliably it will just work when you unmaned the 3 french guns on the other side of hte river. if you did that its also not so hard.

the right gun of both i cleared with infantry, just ran across the field until everyone see the gun, fire on the crew, if done, emedeatly turn around and sneak behind the hill again.

than there is just 1 gun left than and probably 2 tanks are standing somewhere around it too.

i crushed this last gun with my 38T, a the same time my 4c´s where cresting on the left side and helped emliminating the 2 tanks.

than i moved with all tanks to the bridges, the french reinforcement tanks dont see you there and have to drive pretty close than.

when they are in los finaly they are fast knocked out.

than you won. ist not so hard just a bit fideling around with exact positioning of tanks so they woth draw to muc fire at once.

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