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I have the CMBO Special Edition. I installed it and applied the latest patch, but when i try to run the game it says i need the cd even though it is in my main drive (i have two, and have tried the secondary). I looked in the compatibility tab in the properties of my desktop shortcut and none of the boxes are checked. Please help!

EDIT: I should also mention that i had this game installed a year or two ago on this computer and then it ran fine. Of course, that was before i installed a dvd burner.

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No. 1.12 was the last patch for CMBO, even though there is a small, but annoying, TCP/IP bug. Basically there is almost always something that can be patched and "fixed" for a game and 1.12 was decided to be the last version for CMBO as work was pretty intense for CMBB at the time.

The CMBO & CMBB CDV releases have separate patches that are unique to their versions. With CMAK the patch is the same for both the Battlefront.com and CDV versions.

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