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in advance, sorry for my bumpy english.

ok, 2 days ago i didnt even cared about the presenceof this game. i thought BFC could turn it to somewhat better than what RTS games of that nature are in average but well...1C is also still 1C ,their surely a hard nut :D

ok, i was bored 2 days ago, checked the site for CM:SF news(btw. 29th june *hooah*), saw the demo DLed in like 20min, installed it and gave it a go.

i have to say iam impressed.

i still wouldnt like that game if there wherent the ability to pause and give commands but that option is there, so...wow.

about the instability issue, i had to use the "1 cpu option" ingame to get good frames and i had 1(one) error after playing all training mission and 2 times the seelöwe heigths straight in line.

isnt all that bad for me.

out of the demo just have some minor concerns wich i will list here.

- i allready read that a LOS tool will be coming in full version so concern 1 is gone.

- the training missions have some flaws to them, it happened that old equipment of the enemy didnt despawned and was shooting on my stuff ater i completed a objective, my own stuff however despawned.

also inthe "command and..." , mission, the 3 guns wich are poping up just in front of you are a bit cheesy... they brew up my captured PSW becouse i never expected that there are guns spawning in plain sight.

also the default tactic wich are told are a bit of a joke sometimes.

please take a look at that picture ;)

the white lines mark how broad the battlefield is, and the text tells me i should "ourflank" the guns(brights blue markers) and get in their rear :eek:


iam in plain sight allready as i spawned there i didnt moved so far in that situation!

ofcourse i dint tried that but massed all my tank fire one on gun, leaving it unmaned emediatly and than stacking the fire on the 2nd one. worked witouth a problem.

in the end i know that this are trainings mission but hey could be made a bit "less" like taining :D

-when a tank engages a vehicle by itself it doesnt exactly show a line like when you tell it manualy to taget something. its a bit hard to get on what´s the tank shooting. also they tend to turn around by themselfs and you have to babysit them with the hold position command.

-cant i move a HMg!? ATguns can move but HMg´s cant!?

-the tanks are a bit fast offroad and big tanks are like racecars in manouverbility compared to CM. i mean its not too extrem but it surely could be less...

- i also miss the detailed armor hit markers, something simmilar could be of good use here too.

also a indicator of meybe "approximated" hitchance would be good. so you dont shoot totaly into the blue.

-handgranades should get a bigger chance for imobilisation when aimed low...the throwing-mines work like a charm(in seelöwe mission).

- meybe include a "max effective range" value. when i read max range for mosin sniper 2000m, T-34 range with 7,62cm reads as 13000m thats right in absolute range meybe but isnt relevant game whise... .

- Foxholes or little dig outs in trenches to put ATgun into it. right now they stand in the plain open.

- houses arent enterable!?

- area fire of tanks is a bit accurate, you can snipe the enemys out of the trench with it.

i will play around inthe demo again, maybe i remember some more things i wanted to say...

i really have to congratulate BFC, i aually thought this would turn out much much more arcade like.

good job!

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