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Laptop error

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Can anyone help? I'm trying to run Combat Mission from a laptop.

I got it installed ok, but when I try to run it I get the following error;

"Combat mission has caused an error in ~DF394B.TMP Combat mission will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer"

Well, I tried restarting the computer.. that didn't help. Then I read in the tech help FAQ that there could a problem displaying the movie intro so I did as suggested and held the spacebar down to disable it.. then I get this error;

"Combat mission caused an invalid page fault in module ~DF394B at 016f:012586b8"

The laptop is an IBM thinkpad with a Celeron 550 mhz processor and 64 meg ram. It's doesn't have a 3d video card, but I've run CM in software mode on my desktop so I'd have thought it should work.

It's not biggie cause I can run the game on my desktop but I'd really love to be able to play CM when I'm away from home.

Any idea be gratefully received.


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This is the second error I've seen with this file (~DF394B.TMP) being mentioned as a culprit in causing CM not to load up. This other thread mentions a similar problem. This individual accidentally uninstalled their audio driver and CM loaded up. What do you have for sound on your laptop ?

Perform a search on your system for that temp file and tell me where it is located.

[ April 02, 2002, 01:27 PM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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Thanks for replying.

I did a search for that file and it didn't exist on the computer. I then tried to run CM again and, while the error message was on screen did the search again.. this time I got a hit in the following location;

File found in C:\windows\temp\~efe8f1

Filesize 504k

My sound system in Crystal WDM Audio Codec. I tried disabling it in system manager but it made no difference.. same error message.


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I wasn't aware that CM would create a temp file on the hard drive (for launching). What are your 'swap file' settings ? Most people have the computer manage it, but you may want to try a session with it actually disabled.

The other user actually had to uninstall the audio device (not just turn it off) before CM would start, though they're using a different audio chip/codec.

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I wasn't aware of Silicon Motion video chipsets until you mentioned them. According to a small blurb on the Silicon Motion website the Silicon Motion Lynx EM+ (SM 712) is a 2D only video chip (which support 2 to 4Mb of VRAM).

You can get the latest drivers (dated 6/04/01) here (click ACCEPT and download the WinME driver near the top). You'll need to uninstall your current video drivers before installing this set.

Basically your video chip will be incapable of supporting hardware 3D for CMBO. It will instead run in 'software rendering' mode, which won't look as nice, but should still be playable.

Do you know what the 'Daemon' program is ? It may be an internet related program. You may want to 'close' this program before starting up CM.

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Firstly.. thanks for routing out those drivers for me. The help is very much appreciated.

I downloaded and installed the drivers (They are now showing as

Regretably I'm still getting the same error message on CM.

I recently installed EA Soccer manager 2002 on the laptop and got exactly the same error message! That too, like CM, is really designed for 3d hardware but is supposed to run in software too. However DID's TAW is similar and that runs ok.. so I'm confused, but I'll keep fiddling around.. if you have any idea's I'd be happy to try them.. Until then I can play CM on my desktop so it's not the end of the world.

Thanks again.

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