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some feeling...


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First & please , apologies for my english...


Shame on me, my main motivation in TOW is that, at last the frogs are back !!

very good graphics, may be the best i have seen up today.. good sound ..

lovely lmodels of B1 r35 and so on ..

only one comment on the models ... as the 75 mm gun is a towed gun ...should be represented by

the same gun as for the polish .. or.. bring some horses and limber as the model represented for the french is a "hypo" tracted gun.

Tanks , on the french side seems to be correctly

prametrized... i cannot say the same for the guns ...

- number of ammo is wrong ... 20 APHE in the B1.. correct number is 50 ! did not check for the others ..sorry.

there is three french gun represented in TOW :

25 mm : this one seems to be Ok in performance .

47 mm gun : here is the shame !!! this one is able to make is way through 70 mm at 100m in the reality .. in TOW :just something like 45 mm

WOW... this is completely wrong.. the 47 SA35 was known to be deadly for all german tanks of the period up to 1000 meters ..dangerous to 2000 m.. with such performance B1 and S35 tank are ... useless..

37 mm gun : here the performances are a long way too optimistic.. more than 40 mm at 100 m in TOW ... reality was that this gun was just able of 17 mm at 100 m ...this was a joke in term of at gun ! in tOW the 37 mm SA18 and the 47 SA35

are roughly the same .. wow wow wow ...

it's also too bad to not have some 25 mm and 47 mm infantry AT gun ..

Let's speak about the german side ...

It seems that all the guns & tanks available on the 1940 campaing gets benefit of their 1941 versions ... got a time machine ?

This give PZ38t with 50 mm front armour...

PAk36 with pzdg 40 !! (sorry this one was not yet available during the campaign of france)

the result give very unrealistic situation ...

B1 and S35 have no "punch" ...

Pack 36 can destroy a B1 at 600 m !!!

(it was painful for this toy to destroy even a R35 at more than 100 m in the reality... many exemple of b1, still able to fight while showing some 40 to 140 impacts on their armour...

This is not "chauvinistic" this is how were the facts ... if there no 88 or 105 , if there is no stuka nearby ..if you are a german soldier or tankist and that a b1 is pointing to you :

Knee and pray ... or run ..

This game is so rich, despite some difficulties to 'man" the game play ... too bad.

Is there a possibility to get some "real" 1940

unit ?

I really think these mistakes screw up al l the game for the early periods (Poland and France) ...



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Both were in France.

Matilda I was not very effective... only machine guns.well armoured but pooly armed...

1 man turret... kind of super PZ I...

Matilda II was just terrific for that period !

very Slow but very heavy armor: up to 70mm frontal (more than the B1) ...

good 40 mm gun.2 men turret...no HE shells (?)

This tank was also very scaring for the germans when he was in good condition for a fight.

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ahhh, good.... always like the matilda2

I know the only thing that could kill a matilda2 was the 88 which is the first time it was used in the AT role. The Germi's were desperate to stop the matilda's with anything because they were unstoppable during one counterattack

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