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reinforcement points


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Hi all,

first i like to say this game is perfect for playing atleast i think it is.

But i dont know who wrote the missions. That person had to be send to an gulag. Not that the missions are bad only your reinforcements are popping up at places even an child would do it better. It's really no fun to see you got 3 platoons and if you dont pauze right away there will be two , 5 seconds later only one and 5 seconds later NONE.

So or keep them out or place them somewhere with NO LOSS.

This is more real and it plays better and you dont have to push the PAUZE button everytime you hear you got reinforcements because they will be gone and died in 20 seconds.

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I agree completely. I love playing this game most of the time, but when reinforcements appear, they come at the worst place, furthermore they show up and you don't even notice them unless you hear shots going out when there was a lull in the battle. That's when you learn that 3 of your 4 badly needed tanks were killed by stupidity way beyond your control. Who ever heard of designing reinforcements to show up right in front of enemy firing squads?? I agree that the person or people responsible for this idiocy should be fired from thier job. I get so irritated by the stupidity of it. It isn't realistic at all and seems designed to get your badly needed forces killed on you.

Really, I don't need artificial help getting my troops killed.....really! I can do that without help from some amatuer mission designer. In fact I can get them killed without any help at all.... So less help would be much appreciated. tongue.gif

ok I feel better now.... rant over. Now... I should go back to the game. ;)

We as a community are in sore need of "real" mission designers. NOT some pretenders.

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