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The last Frontier demo mission mod


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I was messing around with the mission and figured I'd post this for any other demo players wanting a dif last frontier Mission.

changes: dusk combat conditions, all german reinforcements and tanks available at beginning for free, points set to 10,000, a little extra reinforcements.

instructions: unzip and place the new mis file to your \Battlefront\Theatre of War Demo\Missions\SINGLE_MISSIONS\G015_Seelow folder and remember to backup your original mission.xml first ( recommended ). Enjoy.

additional : if it is a bit too dark just post I will put up a bit brighter one. Have a ultra brite monitor.

download: http://www.savefile.com/files/662854








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why doesnt it like that idea? i modded it so i could play from the russian side. you just have to wait a minute for your forces to come through, and you cant pick any forces at the beggining or you will have a german vs german fight right at the beggining.

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Thanks KiloAlpha4 :cool:

Do you have a idea how to make rainweather, i tryed out to change "StormWeather" to "RainWeather" and also the numbers from 1-10 but nothing happens :(

Here is my little modification:

another map, 3000 kredits, some delaytimes changed, no artistrikes, no dogbarking,...

originalfiles (mission.xml, ambient.xml and trigger.ini) must be saved bevor ;)


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np. Try changing the <StormWeather>4</StormWeather> number around. I changed it from 3 to 4 but you could try higher or lower numbers.Other then that I don't know unless other weather conditions are disabled in the demo.

I should have noted that you can purchase men AND atg's in the mission setup which gives you 5 atg guns in the mission from the default 3.You also get 2 panther reinforcements.

[ April 23, 2007, 08:56 AM: Message edited by: KiloAlpha4 ]

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hey np. modding depends on how tight their butt cheeks are concerning releasing mod tools to extract and repack the archives. They should support modding as it will and does extend the longevity and interest in a game.I mean look at dod etc for half life. They should also release a map editor not just a mission editor so peeps can make custom scenarios and custom campaigns..

ok here is how you get rain and snow etc

*DroppingType*Rain*/DroppingType* ( had to replace < and > with * )

change none to either rain or snow. haven't tried snow but I am asusming it should work.

I have it able for the player to be russian just trying to get rid of the association of the setup zone from the player and let the germans use it. Kind of a pain in the butt but working on it. You can still play but then the germans don't distribute their equipment into the setup zone. This mission will have rain and hopefully more fog.

[ April 23, 2007, 10:39 AM: Message edited by: KiloAlpha4 ]

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