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Multiplayer doesn't work


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OK...I posted to a different thread the mechanics of MP but this thread seems to be more about the experience. So I will give you the good and some less than good thoughts.

The not so good first. You MUST make sure you read the read me file because chances are if you have arouter you will never be able toplay it until you have read the instructions. EVERYONE with a router who has followed the instructions has been able to play MP (or at least everyone I have communicated with). Next, when a MP game is launched is does a fairly long time for the game itself to start. Probably in the area of 4-5 minutes. So youif you gonna have a beer and sandwich while playing launch the game and then goget your supplies. It isn't a bad thing to me al all but from a coupld of the above posts maybe it is for some people but you can neither buy units of place them in an initial set up. Once you play MP you'll understand more whyit doesn't really matter much. And there is no in game chat.

The good. Unbelieveable blast to play. I don't know why but MP makes my heart pound faster than single player with this game. When you first sight an enemy unit the adreneline kicks in hard. If you are playing against more thanone person and your units are eliminated FOW is turned off and you can watch the rest of the players finish the battle from wherever you want on the map. That is more fun than it may sound. When a battle is over you first impulse is to want to go right back in. For myself and the people I have played preformace has been great. Smooth as single palyer. Sometimes the first 2 or 3 seconds of a battle there is slight lag and then it is gone.

crazy, there isn't much point in posting a video because the look of the game is the same as single player. Aside from the initial chat screen nothing looks very different.

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