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1.2.0 - can't deploy, Delta Pavonis in trouble

Toby Haynes

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I pulled down 1.2.0 this morning and came home to play. I logged in Delta Pavonis on Archipelago and found I couldn't drop anything (sensors, tanks). Then the server dropped.

Reconnected to find it starting SeaCliffs, deployed four or five jammers and then got stuck. Disconnected just as Jung joined then reconnected. Jung was still there but I couldn't send any broadcast (ALL) messages to him. Then the server recycled again.

Is anyone else seeing this?

For the record, I can play against bots fine in standalone - I pulled up TheDam (which isn't released yet!) and it was working fine. Nice tracer effects and ground hits.

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I wanted to post this in the right forum, so here it is again.

I don't know what was changed in the latest 1.2 upgrade, but I can tell you that when I got on and played last night, things weren't good.

Gameplay has suddenly become very choppy. The vehicle I was controlling seemed to move in spurts and was near uncontrollable.

Also, for some reason, the Delta Pavonis server was listed twice when I refreshed the available servers.

Dropping a unit onto the battlefield was very buggy. I received weird messages like, "Unable to drop unit while currently a passenger" - something like that. I didn't know what it was talking about. It took several attempts before my Paladin finally showed up in the game.

The game is unplayable with this newest release, 1.2.

I'm sure the developers realize this by now, but I thought I should post the problems I was having since updating to this latest release in order to help the developers debug the issues.

Looking forward to the fixes!

Have a great weekend all!

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