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My CMBB demo works fine

When I loaded my CMBB disk and then I try to open my Game I get the message that open play is missing

I found openplay in my folder for the demo version and I copied it to to my CMBB folder now when I try to open the game all I get is a black screen with the lettering Main Screen at the bottom. Could my install disk not have the correct version of open play on it?

My computer is a MaC G4 with an ATI 8500 video card any help would be appreciated.

Demo version works fine

The original Combat Mission works fine

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There should be "open play something" file straight in the CMBB folder, and an "Open Play something" folder with two files in it.

But your problem sounds like a failed install.

It would probably be best to trash the CMBB folder and CMBB preferences from system:preferences. Then do a fresh reinstall of CMBB.

Install can go wrong if the disk you're installing to doesnt have enough free space. Or if the planets are not aligned correctly. Astrology and computers are somehow linked I'm sure.

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As mentioned previously, your install may have not completed properly. Usually you may get an error when this happens during the install/extraction. The last few files that extract are the scenarios and possibly some other associated files (though I don't know if the lack of any of them would result in a black screen).

I'm not sure how CMBB is compressed on the Mac version of the CD, but you may want to open that archive (I assume it is a .SIT archive) and attempt to manually extract the 'OpenPlay' files. One should be the main file (it's a '.DLL' on the PC) and there should be two more 'TCPIP.DLL' and 'TCPIP.LIB' which need to be put in a folder called 'OpenPlay Modules' in the root of the CMBB folder. If this folder is missing I assume that it will just prevent you from running a TCP/IP game rather than completely stopping CM (as you're experiencing).

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