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A new, short turn, fast action tournament campaign.

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Not sure Hubert, I haven't had time lately to address the situation. As I remember the upload to CMMODs it required a zip file.

At first I zipped both(txt & cgn) and put them in a new folder, PZAA, and then zipped it and uploaded, thought it might make for a faster(smaller) file.

After C66 reported his problem, I went back and put both txt. and cgn. files in one folder, zipped it and reloaded to CMMODs.

Later, I intend on trying to DL it from CMMODs onto another machine I have WaW on, my dialup desktop at home, but been to busy.

Perhaps you or someone else should try the DL from CMMODs and see if perhaps the problem doesn't exist with C66.

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Looks like the error was in the zipping up of your campaign. I downloaded it and the zip file contains 2 sub zip files and each of these the campaign file only.

What you need to do is zip up the *.cgn file as well as the campaign subdirectory, i.e. the following two files and folders.

PanzerArmee Afrika 1.00.cgn (file)

_PanzerArmee Afrika 1.00 (folder)

The easiest way to do this is to create a new folder somewhere on your computer and call it PZAA or something like that. Then copy both the file and the subfolder to this new folder and then just compress the PZAA folder. Once you do that and upload PZAA.zip to CMMODS it should work fine.


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Alright...great! Success...well the campaign needs polish, aesthetics are lacking, but I was concentrating on mechanics for my first venture into the modding scene since SC1.

And like I said, this is a great deviation from the normal SC gameplay environment, its not for everyone, .....

Especially those that have closed minds to tiles!:P

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