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FYI, playing the Axis AI for this mod is not really challenging. I had it at the most difficult setting and easily held the Axis on the first front line, they took Spain, Turkey, Africa but they just could not get through my line and by the next summer I was pushing them back with no involvement from UK and USA.

I also left the HQs to auto attach and did not even look at which unit was attached.

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OK. Anybody else have some game feedback?? I can easily toughen up the AI unit scripts and add more AI units if necessary. I'd like to hear from several others before making any changes.

Has anyone played hth? I'm also curious what the default balance is and whether some changes may be needed.

Let me know please. If I get enough feedback, I'll try to get out another update as time permits.

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FYI, I have made a few minor changes:

- fixed strength and supply scripts for possible Russian Winter Strikes Again events to occur o/a Dec 1942

- made minor correction to amphibious scripts for German 1940 Sealion invasion

- upgraded AI unit events to Experience=1 for slightly tougher computer opponent

I am still interested in some feedback before I post another update. I recently played a game as Allies on Expert +2 and I'm inclined to agree with Blashy that it is not as difficult as I thought it would be. So, I'll probably add a few more extra units for the AI in addition to what's already provided. I am open to other suggestions.

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Hey all, I've been updating A3R over the past several weeks. Blashy offered some good insights and I finally understand what he's been doing and what the game weaknesses are. I'm guilty of scripting the AI to counter my playing style; this doesn't work quite as well for different playing styles. Without going into too much detail, Blashy as Axis would focus on building units during 1939-41 rather than include some expensive research. For me, Italy should go for the infantry upgrades, Germany for artillery and industrial upgrades. But if you don't do that, and combined with the plunder gains, it's not too difficult for Axis to overrun Spain, Turkey and Egypt and then the rest is downhill.

There are a couple of limitations which prevent better simulation of the original boardgame. For one, the force pools are fixed, which means players can build to the max without having to wait for force pool expansions in 1942 and 1944. Second, the plunder rules reward aggressive Axis behavior and provide more MPPs during the early years. Obviously, these two issues feed each other and the result is a skewed game. I have reconsidered this and rather than mess with the core economics, I've added a resource event to activate German industry at the start. By starting Bonn and Essen at zero and allowing them to build up, it reduces Germany's production by about 330 MPPs over the first 10 turns, comparable to the plunder from conquering France. I've also added some increased USA/USSR reactions to Axis DOWs on Spain and Turkey, plus added some more Axis and Allied AI unit events to toughen up the computer opponent. This may or may not be enough to resolve play balance, but should be better.

I am continuing to playtest and should have an update available for cmmods.com soon after PDE v1.02 is released. If anyone would like a copy of my current beta to play, just shoot me an email. Latest changes are as follows:

- fixed strength and supply scripts for possible Russian Winter Strikes Again events to occur o/a Dec 1942

- made minor correction to amphibious scripts for German 1940 Sealion invasion

- made several minor adjustments to diplomacy scripts

- adjusted German offensive scripts to increase Barbarossa buildup another turn

- added Italian offensive script for possible invasion of Tunisia if Algeria become Free French

- adjusted war_entry scripts for Finland activation, for variable entry after May 25, 1941 AND USSR is at war

- added decision event #7 for Lend Lease/Murmansk Convoys and revised convoy scripts; intent now is for more Allied MPPs to be sent to USSR during mid-game and then for less MPPs to be sent after Smolensk/Kiev are reoccupied

- adjusted amphibious_minor scripts to reduce chances of possible USA/UK raids into France from 10% to 5%

- added transport_minor and unit events for possibily redeploying UK corps from Gibraltar and replacing it with infantry if Axis units are in Spain

- fixed transport_minor scripts for UK belligerent intervention to Norway, revised amphibious_minor scripts for possible UK invasion of Norway, and added offensive scripts for possible UK attack from Bergen to Oslo

- adjusted transport_minors scripts to slightly increase USA/UK reinforcements to Algeria, particularly if Axis controls Cairo

- adjusted fleet scripts to improve UK sending fleets to Egypt and evacuating fleets from Red Sea

- adjusted research scripts to slightly reduce some pre-war and early years research to allow more AI unit builds

- added activation_1 scripts for increased USA/USSR reactions to Axis DOWs on Spain and Turkey, to help offset Axis plunder gains

- added 1939 resource event script for German industry activation (Bonn and Essen) at start of WWII, to help offset German plunder gains

- revised activation_2 events for German Eastern Front Garrison to allow any Axis units to satisfy requirements (Italian AI units were triggering Soviet reaction)

- adjusted UK unit events for earlier arrival of Australian, Indian and South African reinforcements if Egypt is invaded

- added a few more AI unit events for tougher computer opponent

- upgraded AI unit events to Experience=1 for tougher computer opponent

- fixed AI unit events for German DAK arriving too early

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