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PBEM Games Cause Stack Dump In Windows 2000

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Hey Fellas,

My Brother is having a bit of a problem with his computer running Combat Mission. Here's the setup:



16MB TNT Video Card


Windows 2000 freshly installed about 3 weeks ago. There are hardly any other applications installed at this time and no other games.

DirectX 8

Latest video drivers from Nvidia.

Combat Mission (medium install) with patch 1.12

All of the Microsoft patches i.e. service packs and the lot.


The weird thing is that he can play scenarios and QBs. But when he clicks "Join Network Game" and then tries to load a PBEM file it crashes. C.M. doesn’t even let him select a PBEM file, it stack dumps and reboots his computer before showing the PBEM directory. As always, I'll wait for your much-appreciated advice.



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It seems to be a strange association, but...

What version of the NVidia Detonator drivers is he using ? I know in the past that some people had problems with "multiplayer" in CM and changing/updating their NVidia Detonators fixed it for them.

You can get some of the latest drivers from here:

Reactorcritical (go to TNT/TNT2/GeForce section and make sure you download a driver for Win2K and not Win9x/ME. You may also want to try one of the 7.xx series Detonators - 11.x is the latest series):


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