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alleeannt/FMG 2007 presents: URANUS! :eek:

The second episode of the saga in the Far East, redrawing the tragical advance of the German Army in the Russian waste southeastern land.

Aspects of the map:

* beginning on 19 November 1942 (starting of Russian side)

* 1-day-long turn

* ideal for H2H players, but also nice versus AI(*)

* HiFi realizing the map: geographical aspects, natural and artificial defence and obstacles, OOB/BSSA, reinforcements(**)

* army-corps units scale (Armeekorps, Panzerkorps, Rifle Corps, Tank Corps, Cavalry Corps) and also some powerful divisions

* also presents the real German "Black Sea Fleet" and Russian "Chernomorsky Fleet", and the real Air Fleets of both sides

(* some "basical instructions" for AI edited in the AI scripts...)

(** real units on real date! ex: the 2nd-SS-Panzerkorps in Charkow on 4 February 1942)

:D contact me on alleeannt@virgilio.it :D

Here is the preview of the map...: :eek:



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