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1941 Unternehmen Merkur - Battle of Crete

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Your making a good start it seem's n0kn0k ,...however i am interested also in how your going to implement the glider unit's that showed up after the airfield's were taken so as to bring in reinforcement's!.

I cannot remember, but were naval amphibious also involved???,...they were in Panzer General!.

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Just gonna let those units pop up with a scripted event. As soon as certain objectives are taken.

Also note that the current paratroopers aren't actually para's ;) I just changed the graphics. They are engeneers, so they can't hop over to other area's of the island.

Yes there were amphibious units involved.

But they never reached the island.

The Royal Navy dispersed them easily.

Gonna trigger those pops also, for some naval fun tongue.gif

Wikipedia has a really nice writeup on all aspects.

Very complete including all the units, numbers and generals.

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Have played the Avalon Hill

Board game many times,

Quite a challenge

For Axis player, but great fun!


Your early version

Is lookin' good! :cool:

**Should you need any help with testing

(... you may not and would

prefer to get it mostly done

yerself, and that's Cat's Pajamas)

O/W... post up

When it's ready.

You'll likely get plenty of offers

To lend a hand,

Myself included. smile.gif

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The map is done, just need to do the unit placement, balancing and scripting.

One of the critical features

Of the board game

Was the "drift" of the Para units

(... ack! Even into the Sea!)

And the size of the landed troops.

I guess you'll have some of the "engineers"

At reduced size... what would be

True cool,

IF we had a script

Where AB would become incapable

Of further Air Assaults

(... perhaps - "AI instructions"

of some kind or editable ability to ONLY allow

Air Ops within certain time frame?)

Which would allow you to use the right sprite

Throughout the game. :cool:

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I guess you'll have some of the "engineers"

At reduced size...

Yeh i've got that, and i've placed some out of their target area already smile.gif

Indeed it would be cool to have a way to limit paratrooper operations.

An easy approach to that would be to do it like Panzer General with embarking near airfields only.

Same thing like Transports and Amphib transports in SC2 smile.gif

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