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New "Classic Boardgame/Wargame mod" for SC2 1.06

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On my personal page, you may download my new mod, that replace "classic wargame mod" and "Third Reich PC mod" (by fusion)

The new mod gives to SC2 the entire design of a classic boardgame/wargame that would habe been adapted for PC.


Some details have to be worked, but you can try the "1.0 test version" for report. ;)

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Fantomas, commendable work. Simplifying the map must have taken considerable time.

But the units still do not reflect tech level differences. The attack strength/ movement marker is really only decoration. In SC1 unit mods overcame this with increasing a small square marker on the different units.

My unit mod used the brigade/regiment/corps/army descriptors as a means of designating tech levels.

I think you need to address this issue, before your mod is treated as little more than a curiosity.

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If my army is in an adjacent hex to a german armored unit, I would hope they could tell the difference between a 'PzKpfw I' and a 'King Tiger' and decide whether to engage or fall back.

This is not an issue of FOW, but whether sighted units carry adequate detail.

It's only the armored and aircraft units that are effected by this of course.

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