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Rise of The Roman Empire (teaser and 56K warning)

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Same here, the worst 200 euro I ever spend :/

I already knew it was just a 64 version of XP with some gadgets,

but i was hoping for some better memory management and stuff like that, but sadly it's even worse.

The harddisk is trashing all the time, and the ram usage is like 1100mb out of the box.

I finally got it down to 600mb after some major tweaking.

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And this is why I am not getting Vista with my new computer.

I'm gonna have to fight the techno geeks tooth and nail to NOT have it on my computer.

Noknok: Work around solution: send the campaign files to someone who can set the HQs into place for you. Then have them send it back.

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HOLY ****! I'm sure the screen is MUCH clearer than what we see in the SShot but DAMN!

I can only imagine gaming FPShooters with that screen.

And whenever this baby is ready for testing, send it my way... I guarantee I'll sniff out a few glitches, for the good of the mod of course smile.gif .

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Hehe yeh the contrast is much better normally, but i had the cameraflash on at that time smile.gif

It's a 8 feet / 240cm or so screen with a 1280x720(p) projector on the ceiling.

Gonna get myself a full HD 1920x1080 one as soon as those are a bit more affordable.

It's a very good alternative for a normal TV screen also.

The "smaller" screens are a 30" 2560x1600 widescreen Dell LCD and a 22" 2048x1536 Ilyama CRT.

The equipment kinda comes with the studies and job that i do.

Working part-time in a DVD rental store, so i love to watch movies on that big screen tongue.gif

The other screens come in handy when doing stuff for school.

I'm currently working on my second degree, which is in 3D animation / game design.

Much more fun then the previous one in Business and Information Technology.

Need to set some time aside for the mod though. Been pretty busy lately.

I've also got another little project running. Alot less work though.

Working on that one during my work time ;)


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A well designed 'Battle for Krete' MOD would be feather in the cap for anyone who would dare to try to really take it on and make it deliver!.

Request bitmaps from 'Normal Dude' and other's to fill out your unit requirement's!. Also, put in a request at this discussion topic for what you need!.

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I HATE WINDOWS VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought a brand new wide screen supder duper wide screen laptop. I wanted Windows XP, but Microsoft has demanded that every store I've gone to yank their XPs off the shelves and sell only Vista. So I got Vista, no choice in the matter.

I got home and managed to install Microsoft Office before the computer crashed and will not restart. What a piece of $&%$^%#^%##^##$^!!!!!

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