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Rise of The Roman Empire (teaser and 56K warning)

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Just started a new project and couldn't resist posting a little teaser. No ETA yet, since i'm very busy at uni atm. Features are.

- Customized sounds

- Customized unit and resource graphics and stats

- Customized main campaign map

- AI when playing as Rome

Customizing the environment tiles would be nice also, but that's really alot of work. So maybe in the future.

The mainscreen:


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Will do smile.gif Was making some archers last night, but the original picture wasn't that good so the end result turned out horrible tongue.gif

I'm making all the units out of photographs from scale models. So i'm a bit limited in resources since there weren't any camera's around during those days ;)

Gonna take a look at uni next week for some nice sound samples.

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I've been sorting the units a bit at work. I've got some idea's sofar, just gotta sort the balance out.

HQ = General

Partisans = Angry mob

Corps = Cohort

Army = Legion

Tank = Cavalry

Foreign Corps = Auxiliary Corps

Foreign Army = Auxiliary Army

Airforce = Jupiter (God of thunder) (1 unit limit, maximum strike range)

Bomber = Catapult (starts with 2 range)

Rocket = Archers

Engineer = Slave builders

Paratroopers = Spies (0 defense 0 attack, gotta tweak the costs) (still having doubts on this unit)

Subs = Pirates

Carrier = Catapult ship

Cruiser = Neptune (God of the Sea) (1 unit limit, got to tweak the cost and defense)

Battleship = Trireme

The idea is to make a singleplayer game that leans heavily on scripting, diplomacy and historic events.

Edit: Fooled around a bit more with the archers, and also made a Cohort unit.

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Ok even more fooling around. The standard terrain type looked kinda plastic to me, so i tried to edit that a bit and give it a bit more texture. I hope you all like it. Currently putting country colors on kinda fades it, but i'll sort that out also.

Edit: Combined some screenshots into one new one to save some loading times for the 56k people ;)

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A little update. I've been working on the campaign a bit with the editor, and ran into a little problem. It's not possible to set a B.C. date ;) Not totally unexpected though since it's a WW2 game.

Other things that i've been thinking about are:

- Operational movement = off

- No unit purchases

- Storyline

- Unit assignment linked to conquest progression and promotions

The basic idea is to put the player in the role of a commander getting orders from the Senate through popups. Then moving the army over to the assigned territory, after which the war is declared (join percentage set to 100) through scripts. After objectives are reached more units will be assigned for the next campaign. By assigning targets through popups and automated war declarations i can keep the rising difficulty and unit count in check also.

I've been looking at the possibilities of scripting all this, and it seems very doable. I'm hoping to be finished with the graphics this weekend. So scripting can start next week.

EDIT: Almost forgot the new Stormy water :D I hope you all like it.

EDIT 2: Ok one last edit for today ;) Look for the differences, only one thing changed tongue.gif

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I'll prolly stick with the regular tech upgrades to simulate improvements in mobility. Operating, even with railheads would be way too good considering the time it's taking place. There are plenty of ports though to transport units.

I could also try and toy around with the implementation of roads, like others did in other mods.

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It's not that big of a deal smile.gif Unless you're really a history buff. I've got plenty of other stuff in it already like the Roman calendar, country names from that period and some other stuff smile.gif

I'm thinking of making 2 versions also, one totally linear, where you get attack orders from the Roman senate. Followed by a 100% activation in the scripts next turn.

The other version would be a more randomized version with % based DoW's from other countries. The further away the country is from Rome, the lower i'll set the % in the scripts.

But it's gonna take some time, just installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit so i'll be waiting for the official 1.06 patch next week. (The mod is made in 1.06 already btw)

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Small update. A bit low on time here atm.

Only Jupiter left to do now.


- 2x Farm graphics

- Catapult ship

- Neptune

- Slave builders

Also added some historical stuff:

- Legion names

- General names

- Fleet names

- Sorted the "campaign" DoW order

And i've been tweaking the units a bit. Gonna start populating the opposing countries tomorrow.

Friday i'll try to finish up the sound. After that who knows tongue.gif

Also gonna keep a list of things that i'd love to see changed.

- BC / AD years

- Longer unit names

- More countries and unittypes


[ February 28, 2007, 03:38 PM: Message edited by: n0kn0k ]

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Not really, i ran into a few evil bugs ;) Mostly Vista related.

One of which i already solved, as you can read down here.


But soon after that another one popped up.

As soon as i place a Minor HQ the editor crashes.

And i kinda can't do without those HQ's ;)

So untill Hubert or myself find a solution for that one I can't do anything.


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