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Here are bitmap icons 3D for those who want to realize "antic mods" (Rome,etc...). The image is in bmp, so you can get it directly here by right clik.


I added a german unit icon, to indicate the scale (same as 3D icons in the game)

I have extracted these icons of the game : Rise of Nations.

Modders interrested by antic times mods will find all necessary for 3D icons towns,forts, etc... in other game : "Civilization III" (if they have "XnWiev" , because the files are tga files).

Here are 3D icons for American Civil War (In bmp format : can get it with right clik). They come from the old game : Civil War General 2.


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Here are main screens, if needed (I have main-screens for other historical times if needed)

Images are in JPG format : you have to get it with right clik and then, save as Bitmap (and rename).

If original bmp format wanted, ask me, please : I will send it.

American Civil War :


Napoleonic Wars:


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Modern Equipment Point Values

Obviously, you will have to factor down the values here but they are an accurate value for the purposes of modelling units.


REDFOR = Opponent forces

BLUFOR = U.S. / Allied forces

"These values come from World class Opposing Force (WCOPFOR) in Fort Leavenworth and they cover three classes of enemies of US Army:

-Marcala (low level infantry based opponent)

-Orangeland (mid level Asian opponent, ie. North Korea)

-Northland (high level European opponent, ie. Former Soviet Union)"


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Please : if you are interrested by the 3D icons that I have posted in this thread, or if you think that you will be in the futur PERHAPS interrested, save it now because I do not have copy of these material on my PC and I could not give it a second time in case of disparition (I do not realize myself 3D mods) ;)

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