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1.04 Space mod up for download

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I've been busy the last 2 weeks modding some stuff. The inspiration for this mod came from an old DOS abandonware space strategy game called Fragile Allegiance. And so does alot of the music.

I hope you all enjoy it. It hasn't been playtested yet, and really alot has changed so input is welcome.

- Max size custom map design with weather, wormholes, traderoutes, diplomacy etc.

- 1750'ish unit numbers and HQ names added

- Graphical changes of various sorts

- 71 music files (be sure to check the capitals for nice music tracks)

- Nearly all unit stats changed

- Alot of game-engine changes in the localization file

TODO list:

- Various graphics like Resources and 3D units

- Playtesting and balancing

- Some more sounds

To install the mod, just extract the files to the Campaigns folder.

Download 73MB :

Down till further notice.

Houserules to be used:

- 3D Units - Set at OFF

- Don't set Anti-missile batteries to Escort/Don't use or auto. Otherwise they will "escort" planetairy missiles.

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Took it down for now. Gonna improve it a bit, untill then i hope at least a few had some fun with it. It took about 3,5GB in traffic, so about 50 downloads if my logs are correct. It was a simple proof of concept that at least helped me getting into a game design school ;)

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Great nOKnOK! :cool: smile.gif

In the original area about SC2, before it actually came out, Moon mentioned a war on the Planet Zork or something. I immediately thought that would make a great scenario. :D

Getting tired of earth. We seem to be losing our magnetic core, not a good development. And it's only a matter of time till a mega volcanic eruption messes things up -- good old Yellowstone popping. And prior to that we'll be gagging on our own polution. So what's to like about the place? :confused: :eek:

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I was reading a while ago JerseyJohn that instead of us losing our magnetic core, that the magnetic poles are in the process of doing a shift-reversal!. In actuality, if you look it up, you will see that Magnetic North & South have been wandering for quite a few year's!.

That 'Shift-Reversal' does not mean that the North & South Pole will directly change places, but in a sense they would to some degree!.

After that happen's, world weather changes, and a whole lot of other thing's change that i can't even remember anymore, but what i gathered, is that this 'MAGNETIC MESS' will last for something like at the very least 5-10 year's before it stabalizes again!.

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Anticipation -- ! :D


True. The earth's polarity shifts periodically, seemingly every few hundred thousand years on average. But the last shift seems to have happened over 700,000 years back, so we're way overdue for the next flip flop.

In human terms it happense slowly, the whole thing probably taking a thousand years or so and then copasses will point south instead of north.

During the interim there will be numerous magnetic poles instead of just north and south. They will probably be latitudinal and nearer the equator as the polarities in the core readjust.

The good news is most of the earth's population will see spectacular light displays similar to the Aurora Borealis, on a near daily basis.

The bad news is we'll have much less protection from solar radiation and the frequency of cancer will increase tremendously.

5-10 years might be the time of really conditions during the transition, when the magnetic shield is at it's weakest and there would be very little protection against solar radiation. The entire process would take many centuries to complete. Which, of course, is very quick in geological terms.

Global magnetism weakens during the destabilization, strengthens during the transition and stabilizes when the two poles finish reversing.

I think we can witness the worst part if we hang around another three hundred years or so. ;)

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