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Dear Alaric,

I have found a list of the all the Army Field Marshals of the Japanese army.

Shunroku Hata

Hisaichi Terauchi

Hajime Sugiyama

Naruhiko Higashikuni

Nobuyoshi Muto

and the Provost Marshal Generals

Sadao Araki

Fusataro Teshima

Toranosuke Hashimoto

Shigeru Taiboku

I await your confirmation on the names in order to make the changes. Also i will look into the alertness levels and reply to you about it.


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i found a page, it seems that some japanese high command generals have more than one role on the japanese army, i think the five of more relevance are yamamoto, terauchi, umezu, hata and yama****a, will be my choice, maybe yamamoto or hata in the home guards army, and the other three in formosa (1), and manchuria (2), i divide all units in "army combat groups" with some units of each branch in each "army group", aside reserves and garrisons, main will be 4 to 5 army groups for japan with some extra units,

best regards,


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Ok friends, Based on the feedback you have given me i have made the following changes.

The Costs for reasearch, and diplomacy have been changed. Only Home build for the majors.

If Japan will go for the complite end of China, USA will join the war while USSR will be join or will be at the bring of joining the war.

This is done in order to reflect the fact that after Japan have taken almost all the coast of China turned towards the Island of Indonacia and a way to reach Australia.

Also The fall of Egypt to the Axis means the total turn of all the coolitions of africa to the Allies.

The Victory conditions have changed and no minor victory exists.

I have posted the new update at Yahoo SC page

the Link is http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/8BdYRbvBs33DSWWQbaC8SA_QwEDiZLbuPXtgk2fJ4qt89NC8He60Vuah_8WyeK5BCo02KQMF9zUQa59kXuwfV7kHG2W1Zb57/WORL%20MAP%20TRY%20OUT%20SidiusPOA/Campaigns.rar


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Ok People , No more feedback so i guess most people are ok with the final version i uploaded.

So have fun with it. I sure did had a great time.

If someone will need anything , please contact with me. I will also make a last update for the new update and then be done with it.

This Topic is officialy closed.

Christos Sideris

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