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Wow this is so cool I cant wait to try it.

Just wondering if you will be adding say western Canada and USA. So their can be a build up their or even japan attacking? Can the arrows transport over land?

Will their be a panama canal or some way to stop American movement from Pacific to atlantic?

Anyway keep up the amazing work.

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Originally posted by Blashy:

Cool links, I just chuckled when I saw this one:


More than 50% of the world lives on less than 2 dollars a day. I guess we never succeeded in that part.

Back to topic.

Well thats true but it doesnt take in reality.

A place in new york cost what a alot depending on the place. While in michigan it cost alot less for more. So yeah they live on a dollar a day but thats what it costs to live thier.

My dad use to make less than 25cents an hour (when he was a kid) 12 dollars a week, now minimum wage is about $7 an hour. It all depends on the place and the time.

[ August 20, 2006, 08:16 PM: Message edited by: Mr.Dozer ]

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Dozer, that is a poor capitalist excuse.

Nowhere in the world can you live practically on 2$ a day.

These people eat 1 meal a day and it is a very poor meal at that.

Their houses are huts.

You're playing into the greedy capitalists hands who are terrified of ever having a "responsible" capitlistic society.

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Capt Andrew ,...i really hope that this is not another abandoned project!. We are now at the end of the Summer Vacation Season, so now, hopefully it'll be the right time to redirect concentration & effort's on these 'MOD' project's.

"F&F" MOD = The East is a Beast!.

They've put a lot of work and effort into it already, so i would bet that this is not a dead or abandoned project.

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This mod better no be abandoned or atleast if it does, to please put the work that is complete on a place for people to get. I think they are just being quiet and putting it together.

I Hate to highjack this but if you go to a poor country you can feed 3 people in a restaurnt for $5USD (as a tourist). Like in toronto you can get a bachelor appartment for $1100(about) apartment or go to Kitchener and get a town house. Same with restaurants in toronto $100 for a hanburger, any other place what?? less than $5.


The problem in africa is the money and supplies that go there are given to the goverment to disperse it but they instead keep a chunk of it to sell on the black market. Just like Russia my friend was talking to a girl there who makes $200 a month there and costs her $100 to live.

[ August 20, 2006, 08:20 PM: Message edited by: Mr.Dozer ]

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