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Hi everyone,

We are two french players, and today we want to present you our new complete mod "F&F" for

Strategic Command 2 : Blitzkrieg.

The interface and the flags are 100% completed.

The campaign is 50% completed.

An Alpha version of the mod will be available in 2 weeks.

The complete version will be terminated soon smile.gif

And now, this is the actual version of our "F&F" mod :








See you later !

=FR3DO= & =F@B=

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Originally posted by SeaMonkey:

Kuni, what they probably did was change the icon of the infantry units when you apply motorization tech as an upgrade.

Hm but there is no "1" or other number next to it to indicate that?

And that would mean that for not much money all units of Japan would be motorized in no time...so I think they did something else...

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The bitmap for the mechanized infantry is in the template files. They just copied it over the regular infantry bitmap or whatever bitmap they are using to represent the mech infantry. They may have done away with engineers or something to make room for mech infantry.

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Wow, amazing, what a bomb that has been dropped! Very well done!

Your Mod was a bomb, these guys are working on the atomic bomb! :eek:

Could someone please stop them, otherwise I have to tell my girlfriend that we can`t go on summer holidays, cause I`ve to conquer the world! ;)




Originally posted by John DiFool the 2nd:

What does "F & F" mean?


Check their sig...

=FR3DO= & =F@B=

I guess it stands for "Fabulous & Fantastic" smile.gif
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Hi all there !

We had not a lot of time these last days, but today we can give you more screenshots and some answers.

First at all, this mod is not a fake ;)

"You made motorized/mechanized infantry???"

- The artillery replace the rockets

- The corps replace engineers

- the mechanized replace corps.

"Did you have to sacrifice any scale in Europe?"

- Not at all, the original Europe map was simply enlarged with the game editor.

Interface is 100% compatible with the original game !

The interface menu is also available with the us seal.

If someone wants, the complete interface will be downloadable this next week end smile.gif

And at end, some screenshots again smile.gif





[ July 14, 2006, 08:43 AM: Message edited by: Fredoz ]

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