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I think the Oil wells might solve the issue, if not it should be REAL close to it, maybe only increasing the Industry Modifier of Russia from 70% to 80%.

But first I want to see what the Oil wells do.

Russia can benefit from USA's increase production through the convoy.

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This is a great piece of work Blashy smile.gif

I've noted a lot of the points brought up here and some do have valid arguements but if I am reading the game mechanics correctly I feel we need to point out something:

The combat values of units may not only reflect the technical aspects of the component vehicles/ firepower/weapons, but also the increase in training, combat effectiveness, improved doctrines, tactics and ability.

Germany did indeed have really heavy armor towards the end of the war, as well as Jet Me-262's but they were only used in small packets and not en-masse, so in effect they would not make up whole tank groups or Air Fleets.

The point is, it depends entirely on how you interpret the numbers. For example, a tank attack and defense of +3 may indeed reflect sheer firepower, improved armour etc, but it may also include armoured tactics, planning, command methods, advanced use of cover, intelligence regarding the enemies' tactics and effective methods on how to counter them, knowledge on enemy weaknesses and ingenuity.

I feel this is fair to assume since huge units combat values have been quantified into smaller numbers.

[ July 22, 2006, 12:50 PM: Message edited by: Steve Rogers ]

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Also when the allies launch D-day it should be an all out invasion with every unit landing as close together as possible or the invasion is always doomed, again this might be Hubert's problem and there is nothing you can do about it, no american combat units outside of airpower went to North Africa which might be a good thing.

Willy [/QB]

The best way to script D-day might be to consider it as two invasions. Script both England and U.S. to get ready at the same time, then invade at the same time(based off a set of parameters that both can meet), each hitting a different city that is close to the other. Thus you might get 5-7 units from each country attacking for a combination of 10-14 units attacking for D-day.

The other idea might be scripting the AI to have England focus only on Air once the U.S. comes into the war and have the U.S. only focus on ground units(scripting the AI for both countries in purchases, research, planning). Script the U.S. to attack once they get to a certain amount of units(8-12) with the air support of the British.

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Changing oil is a really good idea, they are absolutly vital to the owning nation. I think that's a really good change. As for Russia, I really don't think they need too many units, and I am leaning towards your production change will be enough. That will be quite a bit of production throughout the game.

Edit: Now, NO MORE TINKERING for a while. Let's play it!

btw, for email games, I am up for anyone on Blashy's mod, it really needs some playing by a lot of people. My email is scook_99@msn.com

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Urals being rebuilt will be put back to default settings. The Urals were rebuild in late summer (sept 41) but the Axis also had pushed deep into Russia.

If the Axis in the game decide not to push deep right away, then the Soviets do not need to rebuild the Urals with materials taken from cities that were scorched.

I'll let it be known when I upload the latest version, but not for a few weeks.

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Thanks, Blashy, but stop reading my mind. Into 1942 in a pvp game, and that was my one thought. I did have another question about Italian entry, you didn't tinker with it at all, did you? My friend claims he didn't move the garrisons from Africa, Italy was in the war Nov. '39. Unless there is some mystical scripts, I am guessing he moved the garrisons out of the cities they need to stay in.

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Ok, I think I've fixed the issue in Russia.

The problem was not lack of mpps, but I think more a lack of proper representation of logistics issues for Germany in Russia.

I think this has been easily fixed, all countries now have "home builds" ON.

So Germany will have to move their troops to the russian front from the German border (Warsaw) or spend MPPs to operate them. By spending MPPs it will mean less money for other things, also affecting other operations.

Overall it will take longer to get extra troops and not just have new troops up front ASAP.

So Russia should have more time to rebuild and entrench as well as making it it painfull for Germans to loose units.

PLEASE re-read the fist post of thise thread, some changes made and yes... I've posted the most recent update. I could not wait longer, I don't like having a better product out there when it is sitting on my desktop, hehe.

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Damned, once again I defeated the IA (USSR in 1944), now invading the UK, but surprise : simultaneous DDAY atempt from USA!

One strange thing also, italians spent months in egypt fighting HQ in a city!

I believe USSR should avoid any confrontation and as much as possible until the US enters war, possibly fleeing some cities to stretch german army

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Thanks to my current games with players and help from people the past few days. I've uploaded the most recent version which I find is possibly a 50% improvement from the old one.

The only thing I need to see is how the Axis due in Russia with homebuilds on. I'm very curious about this change, I think it will be very significant in representing Germany's logistics issues in Russia.

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It was a bad counter to Germany's easy push in Russia.

The homebuilds does not give more MPPs to the Allies, but it can take away some from the Axis (via operating units).

Or by taking the slow route the Russians have more time to regroup.

Even with operating units the Russian player gets an extra turn compared to when homebuilds are not on.

Oh, and reducing the soft attack of corps, armies and engineers has proven to be much better so far in my test game, the fighting is a little longer and you can actually see the value in paying twice as much for an army.

I hope many players try it, as I feel this is very much more in line to what players are looking for.

I can't take credit, I simply took the many ideas for improving the game and applied them. I would say 80% of the changes are from the community and beta testers discussions, if not more.

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