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Allied AI Mod Version 2 (Released!!)

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Well, I got up to the end of summer 45.

Allies did a Torch, was beaten back by the Italians. UK did a landing around Antwerp, didn't get it and were killed with no supply. Also did the Trondheim invasion, same story.

US did Brest and did well. Has now taken Paris, forcing a withdrawal to the Siegfried Line. Anything Axis is just bomber bait.

And Russia, well, Russia was like playing handball with a wall. effing relentless. I was sooo close. Driving on the last capital when it all came unglued.

Think I could hold out for a stalemate, but I'm not going to win this one. Excellent work Timskorn, and I'm ready for 2.2. :D

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Awesome, good to hear Lars. I've tweaked the UK D-Day landings again to play it safe instead of going for Brussels. With no HQ units are just deadmeat. I've also given the UK Auchinleck in May of 1940, when historically he was given control of Allied forces in Norway. It's too much of a pain trying to coerce the AI to build an HQ in the UK with their low MPP income.

So in Russia you were able to take both Moscow and Stalingrad? Did the US send an HQ to support Torch?

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Yep, I took both cities. It was trying to get the last one that did me in.

Never saw a HQ for Torch. Doesn't mean he wasn't there though, as I didn't push past the invasion city.

Giving it another try with a different strategy now.

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Great job Timskorn! Between the MASSIVE air attacks in France and limitless manpower in the East I gave up around June '44

England had 10+ air units destroying a corps nearly every turn. Nearly all the cities/ports in France were at 1 strength, had to pull back to behind the Rhine and wait for the allies there.

The East was even worse, after having such a great initial drive; I started making/rebuilding subs and ships in fall/winter of 41. But then in the spring of '42 with Russian infantry and tanks stacked 3 rows deep around Moscow they countered, I had to fall back and fought a defensive war for the next 2 years. In the end they had IW 3 AT 2 HT 3...all more than me!

Also my fighters in France were able to spot a UK transport that would load and then sit in the channel. When attacked it would retreat back to England and unload, this cycle repeated itself since summer of '40 till the '44. I would not attack the transport port for several turns to “see” where he was heading but he just sat there. Also the UK sent Monty by transport in '42-'43 to Africa and was intercepted by the Italians near Tunisia.

Took the fog of war off after I resigned, the US had 1 bomber and fighter stuck in the desert east of Casablanca, no headquarter support with the torch landings and was able to drive them back with the Italians.

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It seems the US would sometimes not send an HQ to NA because it would get caught up in the transports to England script instead. Fixed that.

I removed all UK scripts having to do with Norway. They aren't effective, and diplomacy usually shuts down Norway anyway.

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Cool thanks Lars. The current problem seems to be with transport scripts getting mixed up. Like when the US is supposed to send units to the UK to build up, if there are units currently in transport they seem to cancel their original task (which is why you'll see US units in Canada), or in Torch's case, the HQ will divert from NA to the UK. Kinda lame, hopefully this'll be addressed in 1.3. In the meantime I'm jimmying the scripts so they (hopefully) work most of the time as intended.

I'm also trying to tweak the Russian scripts so that they cancel their defenses at the right time and use those units to go on the offensive. It'd be nice if #Cancel had a minimum date included as well, so the cancel condition would only be checked after a specific date.

Anyway, in the midst of testing, testing, testing. Hopefully 1.3 will be ready by the end of next week.

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Noticed the units in Canada when I turned FOW off. Thought maybe the AI op moved them up there to ease port congestion.

Perhaps have it send one load to England. After that load gets there, set it to load every thing and start for D-Day. Should all arrive pretty close.

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Thanks! smile.gif

I've explored using Blashy's new research system, but I've decided not to go that route so far in my mod. In my one test using it I still managed to tech up at relatively the same pace, which was likely due to luck, and I also don't want to create a near-copy of Blashy's mod with an improved AI.

One of the biggest issues in tech that I've come across has easily been IW. So in my next test I'm simply dropping the maximum level to 2 instead of 3 for all countries. Historically it doesn't seem to make much sense, especically since IW3 and IW0 or 1 is a huge gap in technology that can make or break a game. It also helps level the playing field a bit for minors who don't get the tech benefit. Also, I've found IW3 does way too much damage, allowing late-game battles destroying 4-6 or more divisions in a single week.

I didn't tweak any of the other research areas. Slow and steady is my motto. smile.gif

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Timskorn, you got lucky as in my dozen plus games tech progression has been much more historical.

I've been into 1943 still with IW2.

Then again I've been lucky with other techs but so has my opponent. But this is not at the frenzied pace of the current set up.

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OK, latest run through.

Got really, really lucky. :D

Spain came in right after France fell. Used MPP to get Sweden, which came in during Sealion. Off to Russia. Turkey joins up along the way. Even with all this, Russia is no pushover.

It's around the end of '44, Cairo and the last Russian capital are about to fall. Germany taking in about 650 MPP a turn.

Only bad thing was US kept attempting to re-take England without any naval support. Kept sending transports to their doom. The fleet needs to lead the way.

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Gave it a try, 2 times - at normal settings and +1 setting. Unfortunately the allies never seem to react to diplomacy so I got Spain both times - kinda game winner vs the AI, regardless of settings.

Indeed in Russia the AI did a better job - upgraded its stuff which made it defend a bit better but it lacked any tactical/strategical plan for defence which makes it fairly easy to destroy its units one after another. The AI apparently tries to defend almost everything which is kinda impossible.

Both times, my Axis plan was the same (more or less the same plan I use vs human opponents as well, which is money in the bank 95% of the time):

- 1st turn, scrap rocket and intel chit and sink 4 chits in spain; 2nd turn i got 5 chits in spain.

- wax poland, operate some troops in west, wax france, build bomber+AF, operate units in africa, rape the uk down there.

- with spain axis, the whole axis fleet is controlling the North Atlantic, uk fleet very damaged (tried to fight in the med and around england with absolutely no chance)

- once the bomber is out of the queue, it gets based at Brest and starts hammering Liverpool port - i.e. UK welcomes poverty...no more convoys.

- Corps building program - swarm of corps+3 HQs prepare for russia - don't bother to buy tanks or invest in tanks; armies are produced only after the corps limit is reached.

- USA never launches anything because it simply cannot ferry troops over the pond - axis dow USA and the mega navy destroys the US fleet (with pacific assets transferred due to spain being axis) in ports.

Russia gets destroyed easily because axis can focus 90% of its army in east.

So, the problem is not playing at +1 here against Tim's AI. The problem is, axis shouldn't use diplomacy at all because the AI doesn't respond in any way to it. Another problem - if you want tough western allies, you must refrain from using bombers on Liverpool (i hope this crap gets fixed in 1.03 so allies can use other ports for convoys) and do not attempt to Sealion at all - the AI does a lousy job protecting the UK - not that the humans do any better :D )

Try to follow the history and you may have a tougher game. Too much imagination and boldness scares the living sh*t out of the AI smile.gif

It is a clear improvement over the standard game though. The mere fact that I faced lvl 2 or 3 red infantry made me smile ;)

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I was wondering if the computer always defends moscow with all of it's units. To me this seems like a bad idea. They are out in the open and there is to much german supply for the russians to stand much of a chance.

It seems that either the ussr air defense needs to be reworked or placing all of their corps in the open is really a bad way to go. They turn into bomber/fighter bait and then when they are down on Str. and morale they are just taken apart. Doesn't seem to really matter much on their tech lvl's either.

I do not mean to bring this up if someone already has and if there is not anyway to fix the ussr air then just disregard this message.

(Although, really like mod and enjoyed having to fight in france for the first time ever...)

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