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Allied AI Mod Version 2 (Released!!)

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The latest version of my Allied AI Mod is now available at www.cmmods.com!

It's under the same location as the old file, but it has been replaced with the new one. Simply download it and unzip the contents into your Campaigns folder.

You MUST be using patch 1.02 for the campaign to work.

Enjoy getting dominated. smile.gif

[ June 22, 2006, 11:14 PM: Message edited by: Timskorn ]

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It is likely a combination since as Tim pointed out his scripts could very well be leaving additional MPPs available and this coupled with the upgrade logic changes I made (with the latest patch) could be having the desired effect of improved upgrade behaviour.

I agree. During playtesting of the v1.02 patch I used Timskorn's earlier mod. Some things were weighted too heavily, resulting in Russia having L3 IW and L4 tanks in 1941 for example. No kidding! I tried some adjustments to lower percentages used for the research and production scripts. Results were better.

There's probably an optimum set of values that should result in smooth gameplay - with good balance between diplomacy, research, production, reinforcements and upgrades. MPPs are limited, so if the early checks are weighted too heavily then that's where the MPPs will go and not to any of the later checks. My instinct is that lower percentages across the board are better, since they should allow more possibilities to be considered over several turns.

Hubert still owes us an AI description document so we all can understand what the generic algorithms are trying to accomplish and how the AI scripts are handled. Specifically, in what sequence are they handled, where in the game turn are they checked, etc. This will be most helpful. As it is, we're all guessing. Which is fun in its own way.

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Nice to hear you used the mod for testing. smile.gif And you're right, I weighted IW and HT early on in an attempt to beef up the Russian difficulty. At the very least they'd get those techs for the Siberians, but I've since changed a lot of values.

Speaking of which, I just "sorta" finished a game in the latest version. It was mid-1945 and Russia was still a big threat, but the US and UK failed in NA and D-Day. It's getting close though, here's a recap:

Typical early moves. Take France in early 1940 and move Italian/German units to Tobruk to take on the British. As usual the British lost there, and I let Italy take Syria and I diplo'd Iraq before re-organized those troops back to Italy. I didn't feel like dealing with the mountains north of Baghdad.

Instead I went after Vichy France and Algeria. Vichy fell, but just as I destroyed the corp. in Algiers, the US invasion force landed and destroyed my German Army division there. Soon after the US declares war on Tunisia. 4 Armies, 1 Armor and an HQ move on it. I garrison Tunisia with a L4 panzer and 3 Italian armies at L2 IW. No HQ present as it was still on its way from the Mid-east. It was a gradually losing battle so I evacuated all my troops to Tripoli. It wasn't far enough away however, and the US continued rolling me. After losing an Italian Army, I evacuated once again and set up another defense at El Agheila. This time with another German Corp. and 1 German and Italian HQ. After that I was able to roll back the US advances all the way to Algiers.

In Russia, they set up an early defense at Smolensk that was trounced. A meager defense at Moscow was beaten and I was pounding at the door of Stalingrad by late 1942. That's when things slowed down to a crawl. The Russians had a sizeable force north of Moscow at Vologda, so I had to keep about 5 units + HQ there. This left my southern forces a little thin, but I managed to finally take Stalingrad. Figuring the Russians were bruised and battered, I left a small guard at Stalingrad and sent the rest down south to get the oil fields and the 2 cities.

Spring of 1943. A 10 unit Russian force attacks the Stalingrad area, supported by a rocket a 2 air units. By this time they are at IW3, HT4 and AT2. I was getting close to sealing the Caucusus so I refused to divert my forces back north again. The units around Stalingrad would have to hold until I was done in the south. I finally wrapped things up down there, but my forces were thin and battered. To get a sense, I had 3 HQ's south of Stalingrad that all had units to command at one point, now I had so few that one HQ wasn't commanding anything. All I could do was hold.

Russian units blasted westward, taking back Gorky, Voronez, Moscow and Kharkov. Another group was sent north to take back Archangel and still, they had plenty of units around Stalingrad and Voronezh to keep me in check. During this time I held my ground around Stalingrad and kept buying as many units as I can, forming a new line from Smolensk to Kiev until I had enough + another HQ to mount an offensive east to relieve the troops at Stalingrad.

Out West D-Day happened in June 1944. Because most of the US units were used in Operation Torch, and the UK didn't have an HQ, it amounted to simply tying up some units for a few months. I have some tweaking to do here still. I really need to get the UK and HQ, but it's pretty difficult with their low MPP's. I either have to give them one or cut off production and research for a couple months and make sure they can buy one.

So once D-Day was beaten back and North Africa secured, I sent those forces from there to the Russian front. Around June of 1945 I saved it and quit. The conclusion in the east at this point is forgone, as the Russians would essentially be fighting the war alone. Even so they have enough bite to probably make the game last until 1946.

So it's looking really good right now. It gives me a run for my money anyway. smile.gif The upgraded Russian units are a huge factor in gameplay though. Fighting L3 IW and L4 HT is a big difference from before. I did notice a bug though, where Russian L4 tanks looked like L1 Russian tanks. I think this only happens when they buy a tank at L4.

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Managed to zip through another version tonight, ugh...takes 3-4 hours! Looking better. Operation Torch and D-Day were more effective this time. Actually took about a year before I beat D-Day back into the sea. This was due to the massive amount of Allied air in the UK bombing everything it saw. I'd be able to counter-attack momentarily, then lose a unit or two due to combined air-land attack.

The NA invasion made it to Tobruk, but I switched Spain over and the AI op-moved their NA forces back west to take out a Spanish city. They then headed east from there while the Italians headed west from Tobruk, both finally meeting at Tripoli with the US finally being defeated at Tunisia.

Russia was tough as usual, just didn't get past IW1 which made it a bit easier this time. I stopped in mid-1945 as the Russians were losing the war of attrition and D-day had been beaten back.

Some more tweaks and another playtest and I'll be putting this up for download tomorrow (Thursday).

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Been working all mornin' on it, it's coming. smile.gif

One more test and it should be ready. My three main problems were: Early US research. Early Soviet IW research and early Soviet garrison positions (always around Smolensk). If these three look fixed on my next test I'll be putting it up on cmmods.com soon.

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Finally! A real challenge. This one will be going up at cmmods.com in about 30 minutes or so.

First off, I didn't get to Moscow until late 1944. That's how stiff the Russian resistance was. They had good IW, but low AT, so until I could muster up 4-5 L3 panzer units I could barely hold the line near Smolensk.

The US sweeped North Africa and then invaded Italy. The US/UK landed in France in mid-44 and took Benelux and Paris. I ended in early 1945. Even though I had taken Moscow, half of my units were in the purchase queue. I could hold what I had, but with the pressure in Italy and France there was no way I was knocking Russia out. I could have pulled back and reformed a line around Smolensk, sent my armor units west to defeat D-Day and then back east again, but I hated the prospect of giving back what I had fought years for! smile.gif Plus allied air was so potent, even if I beat D-Day I probably would have lost 2-3 panzers in the process.

It's not perfect, but this is the first time I've actually been beaten by the AI.

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It's up! Check out www.cmmods.com it's under the old header but it has the latest file up.

My last playthrough I'd say I lost. Possibly if there was a "Sue for Peace" option I could have gone for that, as I had enough punch to make it hell for the Allies, but ultimately I was losing. After I ground to a standstill around Moscow, the AI managed to liberate Finland in 1943. They got about 200 MPP's worth of loot too.

Fun game though! I actually had to defend in Russia and pick my opportunities to attack, and know when to retreat. With all my units tied up in Russia, I couldn't really help the Italians in North Africa nor defend the Allied bombing raids in France. When the US hit Algiers and Tunisia, my beleagured Italians didn't have enough to put up a fight and I had to retreat back to Italy.

When D-Day occurred I only had enough units to defend, and couldn't do my typical huge counter-attack that eliminates the Allies in a few turns. Allied air power chewed up what units I did expose.

I'll be playing again tomorrow and see if I can do better. I'm interested to hear how other people did!

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Playing a game vs AI right now, Expert +1. It's winter 1942 and I have yet to close in on Moscow. The German Barbarossa almost immediately halted when the Soviets counter-attacked en masse with lvl 3 infantry! :eek: Took me a year to crush it. Now I have picked up steam again. Have taken all of North Africa and the Middle East, have the Italian army on stand0by to repel Allied attacks. Overall situation looks good for the Axis, but we will see when the weather clears next year.

One thing I have noticed: As usual, the AI screws up anything related to Norway. The Brit AI had some amphibs sitting around in the Channel. I did the ~ check on them, mission was Trondheim and Oslo. Eventually the Oslo one landed on the remote tip and died a slow death. I've been having a problem with that in my scripts as well.

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Good to hear. I've seen the UK take Trondheim before, and I left it in there because in most cases it they shut off the convoy from there. Never seen them go for Oslo though, but I know there is a script in there for it. Thanks for the info on that, I'll probably just take that one out for the next version.

I also took out some of the 'sneak' scripts, such as the UK landing in Germany. At best, they temporarily diverted some of your units back west early on but ultimately get destroyed. Not worth the UK losing 2-3 units over anyway.

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I'll be updating the file soon with some minor changes. I also just realized something! D'oh! I mentioned in another thread that US units in North Africa weren't being used for Husky. Come to find out, the first FRIENDLY POSITION listed is the one used to check for available units! Since it was Washington, it kept checking the US instead of North Africa. Glad this is fixable!!

- Removed chance of UK landing at Oslo.

- UK may send additional help to Alexandria

- US Torch operation 50% chance of happening, only checked one time, and only if the UK still holds Egypt.

- Minor tweak to secondary US landing for D-Day with target Paris (Only occurs if UK captured Benelux and Allied control of Brest).

- Tweaked Husky landings so units in North Africa are used.

- Tweaked Husky HQ support, landing at either Palermo or Bari.

The more AAR's from people playing the mod I have, the more changes I can make to make it better. Primarily, I'd like to hear areas where the AI seemed the weakest, or didn't have a script to compensate for something you did. This way I can possibly add some checks in to help deal with different strategies.

[ June 23, 2006, 11:54 AM: Message edited by: Timskorn ]

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