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Thankfully it has been a few years since I have experienced any technical issues...however, I once again find that I have a few technical glitches.

This applies to CMAK only...

1. When crafting scenarios that are large or huge in size, I cannot seem to convince the game to let me play as allied in the single player mode.

It will allow me to play as axis that way, but never allied... This just began in the past few days...it doesn't happen in tiny/small/medium sized scenarios. :mad:

2. Since the day I loaded CMAK (which was the week it initially appeared), it doesnt allow me to click on and move more than one small entity at at time when setting up a scenario from the allied side. That is, when I am crafting a scenario, and laying out the play of the allied postions/units, I can only more one at a time...five tanks takes five clicks/individual moves...once in actual game play it works normally...now I am weary of this, especially when making very large scenarios with whole battalions engaged... :confused: :mad:

Any useful soulotions are welcome and appreciated...


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Yep, every time you have boats in the scenario that side cannot be played by the AI (I believe only the Allies have boats). This has been the case since CMBO.

You have to flip sides in the editor by pressing the backslash (\) key, otherwise you'll only be able to select units individually. Once you've "switched sides" in the editor you can then perform group selections. I believe that this has been in since CMBB; only CMBO doesn't require this.

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