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This campaign is intended for human to human , furthermore I haven´t worked yet in AI scripts, now the game works the way i think simulate betterthe history.

Tech are more dificult (maximun 2 chits in all 5 level areas, but 1 in IW AT GLR MOT).

Land units begin more powerfull than before, this the reason why R&D doesn´t break the game in land.

Now allies can do two types of naval movement , one is the normal and the other is using naval loops from America´s Coast to British Coast and viceversa, this kind of movement is less risky but in this way you can never find Submarines.

Airfleets are less powerfull against land units but more against others air units.

There is like an Offboard Map Box wich represent Asian, Oceanian and Afrikan british commonwealth.

Now whole Escandinavia is on the map, If you wish you can invade USSR from the North ..., well it would be a very long journey.

US production is huge too.

USSR activation depends on USSR units in the USSR-III Reich frontier, If you want to increase your production and activation you have to put units in the frontier...

I only need playtesters? :(largocaminoamosc2jt.jpgsmile.gif

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Well some players used to nag of the Atlantic size in my previous mod. ( with the original map of fall weiss but with an Atlantic Ocean 20 tiles wider).

Howewer the main reason is that I do this naval loop from USA coast to UK Coast for allowing AI to send transport as It always send ( without any escort). Then UK based cruiser can react to the attack to those transports ( they arrive near to UK and in range of Royal Navy) A N D if the transports retreat they will do to the closest port ( UK Ports instead of Canada).

I hope i have asked your first question.

About the second , only scripts that aren´t relative to x,y positions can be directly added to this campaign (but i don´t suggest you do that), by the other side scripts related to x,y position have to be reescripted because not only coordenates are different but in this case SIZE MATTERS ; you have more cities , more room to manouver, more OB and different combat values and unit properties. You can´t simply paste the previous plans and change x,y positions in those, you will have to change number of units assigned to plan, cancel and activated position, create new scripts for new positions that are the Strategic Keys or are the triggers for new events.

An example of this is a AI plan script to amphibious build up of one unit to Crete, and after this one other to garrison that position because it has a similar effect than Malta but for Allies instead of Axis.


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I have finished all the map and event scripts , about balance IMHO now is right, thanks to playtesters like ; AXISGENERAL , TERIF, STAVKA CCCP, FIREBALL, SOMBRA, CONSTAN.

Finally I´m waitting for the next patch to write all the AI scripts, well i have done a lot of them , but i would prefer upload te campaign completely in cmmods , because now is mainly for use in human versus human games.

If you want, you can contact with me in icq or by e-mail jaimain@gmail.com . Finally two screens of France 40´





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Thanks for your opinion smile.gif ...if you dont like it you are free to correct everything you see wrong, another option would be (if you want to spent a lot of hours) that you can do your own map. I inspired me in the maps of two wargames "World in flames" and "Europe engulfed".

About Maginot line this map was my source.


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