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Posted by Blashy

"Consider making it bigger up north, so Norway can have a direct link to Russia as in real life.

Also Iceland could be build and provide more room in the Atlantic. After all, the bismark went around Iceland".

;) That is the Plan¡¡¡ I have planned to give 5 or 10 tiles more towards North and 60 or so to the West.

I have finished all the tiles of "Irlanda,Inglaterra,Polonia, España, Francia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Lituania, Estonia-Letonia, Italia, Albania,Holanda,Belgica-Luxemburgo, Portugal, Yugoslavia,Egipto Libia, Marruecos y Argelia" Sorry i have written country names in spanish but i´m too busy to translate their.

Urss is 80% completed all rivers , cities, ports and marshes, part of woods and mountains.

I need suggestion about America Map ( from Canada to Florida?) :D

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