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Having another game vs AI with above changes. MUCH more interesting game. It's 1942. Even after loads of British diplomacy (and MPP), Spain still joined. Italians have been putting up a tiger of a fight in North Africa, without any German help. Sweden is getting ready to join Axis and Norway is German. Germany launched a surprise Sealion in Early 42, it failed but cost me a fighter, bomber, MPP, naval forces and plenty of lost time. If I had been using the British land force for something else at the moment, I would have been screwed.

German navy has actually been knocking my ass around this game, until the USA joined now the Atlantic is secure again.

Germany launched an impressive Barbarossa, it slowed down at Leningrad and Moscow but now it has sped up again... they have reached Gorky.

The new version is sent out.

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Added in Axis reaction scripts to the Spanish Peninsula and Algeria. If Gibraltor is Axis, the Germans will react to Allied invasion of Casablanca/Tangier by sending units to estabilish a defensive position around Algiers, AND by reinforcing the defensive positions around Portugal and Gibraltor to make amphib attacks much more difficult.

Also, if Allied units touch the Spanish Peninsula's ground, Axis units will estabilish defensive positions in the mountains as well as securing the narrow Bordeux corridor (If Vichy France has not been activated).

Also added in an Italy reaction to Allied Greece invasion script set.

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I just tried it. Don't know what you did but the AI decided to try a Sealion, TERRIBLE move.

It started from Benelux port, I saw it coming easily and killed off 2 transports and it STILL pushed for a Sealion.

I've won and it is now winter of 41.

IMHO, the AI should never try Sealion, unless it has some LR3 tech and can spot that UK only has 3 units.

AND it should do it from further away ports so it is not easily spotted AND it should be escorted.

Sealion might be too complicated for the AI at this time.

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Back to Sealion...

The reason I left a small chance of the sealion in was to keep players from doing some horribly gamey moves. I originally had a script where the Sealion triggered if only a few Brit troops were left on the island. Naturally the AI screwed that one up, because whenever bad weather struck and the visibility went down, it would assume that because it couldnt SEE anyone on the island that there was no one there! :eek:

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I think that there should always be a chance for the AI to do a sealion because of the gamey moves Normal Dude mentions.

But if it does it, it should try to do it right:

- Try to gain air superiority positioning all available air-units (depending on what scenario/mod it would also have German bombers and Italian fighters).

- hitting any Royal Navy CAs and BBs which are located in the channel-side ports with A/C until they leave the channel.

- Trying to knock down the entrenchment of the unit on London, too.

- having escorts to the East and West of the transports to block the Royal Navy at least long enough to get the guys over there.

If the AI cannot scripted to do such things, then Hubert should rework it in this respect. It is of utmost importance that amphibious invasion plans work reasonably also for Overlord. (Not to mention any Pacific-Mods ... )

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I wish I could do those things. I have zero control over navies, targets or airforces, and only a small degree of control over which ports are used (and half the time the AI ignores me anyways).

Just the other game I watched the Italian AI try to load up troops for Tobruk... IN BRUSSELS!!!! What the heck does the AI have with the Brussels port for crying out loud??!!

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MS, hard to say without me seeing the scripts and the code in action as it could be any number of things... problem is that I am only one person and currently my focus is not in this particular area at the moment as I have quite a few other high priority items that need attention as well.

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