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I am having a couple of problems with my mod so far.

I am having trouble finding out exactly how many divisions the UK used in India (Indian Corps plus others).

I want to set up supply on the small islands, but it seems wrong to put a dock at both ends of every single one. I could edit the bitmaps for docks to make them less out of place (beaches maybe) but then you would still be able to repair a ship almost anywhere...

The other problem I am having is army sizes. In the East it seems the individual army sizes were smaller than in the west (for instance, Japan had only 460,000 troops in China / Manchuria in 1941, but in over 50 divisions. Their armies were only 1 or 2 divisions) by the end of the war, they had 12 times this number. The US only committed 28 divisions the the theatre. Chinese armies (4 divisions+) were equal to japanese divisions in manpower, so its very confusing...

The other problem is that it was rare for entire divisions, let alone corps, to fight as one in the island battles. If the smallest unit I can use is corps, assigning troops to all the islands is going to be nearly impossible...

Any ideas? I could use divisions sized corps, but that might become too much for the player...

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I have tried to find out about Japanese troop deployment's in the Pacific, but so far, no luck...and im not giving up!. Too much European War history and not too much on the Pacific War is the problem!.

Anyway, here are some pic's for 'Unit Bit-Map creation' if so desired!.








Just found a bit of information:




Allied landings - August 1942 to August 1945



If you require a Much-Larger MAP...then goto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:US_landings.jpg ...and select "Download high resolution version (2000x1363, 436 KB)". I had the larger-map posted here...but, it was causing the forum here to be elongated by approximately 50%[Making easy reading and negotiation of this site a non-happening situation],...so i have replaced it with a reduced size version of that map!.

http://www.anesi.com/ussbs01.htm UNITED STATES STRATEGIC BOMBING SURVEY***PACIFIC WAR***

http://www.combinedfleet.com/kaigun.htm IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY

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Ships but not the Ocean ... Hello!.

I am having trouble finding out exactly how many divisions the UK used in India (Indian Corps plus others).
I will add to this posting as i come across more information!....but, for now, i will post what i have.

***Also, you say that you will not have enough units to garrison all of the island's!.***

1st...in the Editor, someone might know how to increase your build limit's,...if this can be done, your difficulty should then be probably solved!. Also, make 'At Start' UNIT Game Change's to permit you more Starting Corp's [Or Whatever] for Island Garrison purpose's.

If 'Increasing Build Limits' is unworkable,...then i have an idea, i don't know if it will work!.

IDEA#1: Create New-Unit's such as a (MANNED) BUNKER-ICON to take the place of a Garrison Unit. These Bunker Icon's would then be your Manned [NOT 'Un-Manned'...if that can be figured out???] Fortified Position's on these Island's/Atoll's. You would get a Historical Quantity of Bunker Icon's pre-postioned to simulate pre-garrisoned fortified Island's at the start of the Pacific War!. Engineers would then be able to construct any subsequent fortification's!. Of course, MANNED BUNKER'S may mean that other regular unit's will not be able to end their turn on those Bunker's.

Some OKINAWA Fortifications



British and Dominion Armed Forces > http://niehorster.orbat.com/017_britain/__uk.htm

British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies > http://niehorster.orbat.com/017_britain/39_india/army.html

***CLICK ON THE ITEM BOXES (That Indicate Unit Formations) TO GET MORE DETAILED INFORMATION [Can only be done at WebSite]***


ORDER OF BATTLE 'Royal Indian Air Force' 3 September 1939



Pacific Theater of Operations _Orders of Battle _The Beginning _8 / 7 December 1941

Malaya, Burma, and Hong Kong



More Theatre' Information -> THE HISTORY PLACE _ World War Two in the Pacific


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Wow thanks for all the info so quickly. I have found some good OOB's online, but the more detail the better.

That's an interesting idea about the fortresses. I know how to increase the number of garrisons in the editor, my problem is more one of scale. In Europe the armies moved as Corps (about 60,000 men) or Army Groups (about 120,000), but in the pacific islands they moved as divisions (about 15,000) or smaller. Japan had almost 200 divisions, China over 170, and the USA 28 (incl. marines), which would crowd the map pretty quick.

I guess it's just a matter of balance...

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Found an interesting WebSite called "World War 2 in the Pacific"


Brian Smith [Creator of the WebSite:]

Thanks for visiting WW2PTO.I created this site over five years ago to let people know of my interest/hobby of World War 2.I put a lot of hard work into it just so maybe I can help people understand our history better.If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me at guy_conquest@yahoo.com. I try to answer all of my e-mails in a timely fashion, but, as you read on, I'm just like everyone else.Having a thousand things to do!!! Now, on to the "nitty-gritty"!
This Brian fellow has 'Sounds of War'- WHICH MIGHT BE INCORPORATED INTO THE 'PACIFIC WAR' MOD! FDR's Speech to Congress Asking for a declaration of war against the Japanese on December 8th, 1941...A radio broadcast of the Attack on Pearl Harbor...Aircraft Sound's...Naval & Land Battle Expose's, make sure to check his LINKS tab!...,...and on and on!.

EG: From Links Tab: under the HISTORY LINKS tab


***Comando Supremo:Italy at War_The best website out there on the subject of Italy in World War 2.*** 'Home-1941-Weapons' EXCERPT:

LIBYA _February 12 - By mid February, the British have taken a total of 115,000 Italian POW's, 845 guns and the destruction of 380 light and medium Italian tanks. The British had also managed to destroy 200 of the 564 Italian aircraft. The British, on the other hand, have lost 80% of their vehicles and all their "I' tanks as well as most of their light and cruiser tanks. British loses amounted to 2,000 troops, 1 in 25 troops that engaged the Italians were killed.

Erwin Rommel arrives in Tripoli, Libya with a Panzer and Motorized Infantry Division. He assumes command of the Deutsches Africa Korps. and receives assistance from the Fliegerkorps X and long range aircraft from Sicily to fight the exhausted British. The German 5th Light Division includes 9,300 Germans, 130 tanks, 111 guns and 2,000 vehicles (80 German aircaft are also included).

The Italian "Ariete" and "Trento" Divisions arrive as well. The "Ariete" is composed of 6,949 men, 163 tanks , 36 field guns, 61 anti-tank guns and the Brescia Infantry Division. Rommel has 100,000 Italians, 7,000 Italian trucks supplying munitions to the front, 1,000 Italian guns and 151 Italian aircaft.

AutoblindoAB41_Tunisia_.jpg Autoblinda AB41 in Tunisia. Photo Courtesy Alberto Rosselli

m13p.jpgItalian Tank crew and M13/40


M13/40 at Aberdeen Proving Ground

corazzatalittorio.jpg Littorio battleship outside of the La Spezia naval base in 1942 after undertaking camouflage painting. Photo Courtesy Claudio Tadolti

Campo_mussolini_1934.jpgMain entrance of "Campo Mussolini" in Rome 1934. Photo Courtesy Lele

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Empire forces in Burma were very small - in 1941-42 there weer essentially only 2 front line divisions - 1 Burma and 17 Indian.

17 Indian Dvisions was oriiginally intended for Iraq where ti was to be trained and motorised - in Dec 1941 it was unfit for front line service.

7 Armoured Brigade arrived Feb 1942.

14 Army was formed in April of 1943.

2 of its initial units were West African - 81st and 82nd divisions.

81st was composed of units from the Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the Gold Coast (now Ghana ), while the 82nd comprised further reinforcements from Nigeria and the Gold Coast, including the two experienced infantry Brigades, 1 (WA) Bde (Nigeria), and 2 (WA) Bde (Gold Coast, which had taken part in the East African Campaign in 1940 and 1941.

For the Arakan campaigns it fielded December 1942 to April 1944.

Location: The Arakan, Burma

British Army units

14th Indian Division

123rd Indian Brigade

47th Indian Brigade

5th Indian Division

7th Indian Division

6th British brigade

And Others

.....with more troops of course "holding the fort" elsewhere along the border.

British 2nd and Indian 7th divisions fought at Kohima in April-June 1944, along with various brigades (notably 161)

XV Indian corps was the main unit involved in the 2nd Arakan campaign, but I can't find much mention of it for anything else.

By 1945 14th army comprised

Fourteenth Army (Lieutenant General William Slim)

Indian 5th Division (motorised/airmobile) (in reserve, joining IV Corps)

IV Corps (Lieutenant General Frank Messervy)

Indian 7th Division

Indian 17th Division (motorised/airmobile)

East African 28th Infantry Brigade

Lushai Brigade (being withdrawn)

Indian 255th Armoured Brigade

XXXIII Corps (Lieutenant General Montagu Stopford)

British 2nd Division (motorised)

Indian 19th Division

Indian 20th Division

Indian 268th Infantry Brigade (motorised)

Indian 254th Armoured Brigade

(from Wiki)

So still not very big!

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Capt Andrew , Again i concur!.

I would at least like to get a progress update, whether it be positive or negative.

So far in the last two week's or so, there has been a deafining silence on at least 2 Major Project's, including my 'War for Middle Earth' wish-list MOD!.

Im hoping that ' Honch ' will still keep it in his personal to do/attempt list.

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Hye everyone, been a while hasn't it? To be honest, i was working pretty hard up tell september, im sure you all know why. Well, just an update

Pacific War Campaign: Suspended

You dont wanna c my report card tongue.gif

But im honored to say SidiusPOA has created an excellent global theater map including the pacific! Take a look! smile.gif

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