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Hey everyone, I suspended the Cold War mod, (not like sealion) to start this mod. I think people would like it more.

Axis- Japan

Allies-China, USA, UK and Commonwealth, and USSR

(weak because siberians our continuosly being transfered to the european theater)

-ALL NEW SCRIPTS!!!! smile.gif

-The atomic bomb

-Accurate map (well sorta)

-New sprites

-New units- Including Kamakazi Planes

-New research

-Oh ya and one more thing- every island, (the ones that are acually significant) has a port, so when you land you can continue from there to maintain a stable supply.

Any suggestions? Any CONSTRUCTIVE critism? Write your ideas. I'll post screenshots when the map is done and i add some new stuff. And for when its out, hmmm.... "When it's ready." tongue.gif

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I believe that the U.S. Navy prepared for a Japanese Expansionist Empire sometimes in the early 1930's...& if i remember correctly...the study i think was called 'Case Orange' or 'Plan Orange'...whatever?.

Found it!!!... http://www.strategypage.com/strategypagegamestore/war_plan_orange.asp

War Plan ORANGE is not WW2 in the Pacific,... Just only a What-If Possibility!, but for now, it's just a point of interest that might be used for an additional MOD for 'Pacific War 1941-1945'.


The Study of War With Japan


And just for fun!!!...A GAME... http://www.battle-fleet.com/pw/his/WW2%20World%20War%202.htm

Back to business:... http://www.anesi.com/ussbs01.htm




So that's it for this part!...i don't really expect that the information i have presented so far [ABOVE] will help create the Pacific War Campaign!.

BUT!!!...some of this might!...



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It was War Plan Orange. The Department of the Navy created a series of plans with different colors based on the countries involved and the region of the world. War Plan Orange focused on a battleship war in the 1920s centered around the Philippine Islands.

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I've made one Chinese City:Peking for you.

I think for those westernized Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Hongkong, you can just use the city bmp in SC2 now, and for other Chinese cities in mainland, you can use my seires, if they are ok.







Other Common Cities:


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I have to ask other people to decide what Japanese cities looks like.

In my opinion, I think that in most Japanese cities at that time, there are a few westernized mansions, most buildings are Japanese houses with cockloft. However, in Tokyo and other big cities, there are a lot of westernized manshions.

My pictures are originally made in a game: Emperiors, Rising Dragon. And I modified them in photoshop. However, there is one bug, during that time, there are some westernized mansions in Chinese big cities too, just like in Japan, but I don't know how to present these two kind of buildings in one picture.

Current pictures looks a little too acient:)

Maybe we can try to combine current sc2 city and Chinese/Japanese special buildings together. But the area of the picture is too small to hold so much buildings :(

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Do you mean that putting the flags into the bmp file which contains all maps? And please tell me which bmp file should be modified.

Anyway I have a question, if we simply change the flag in the bmp, can they be displayed properly in the game? And if we add new maps in the bmp, how can the editor know which country these flags belongs to?

I have this question because that in another game, battles in italy series, the similiar bmp file contains some game information in it, by using different colors in particular pixels.

And as for Japanese big cities, there are both enough westernized mansions and Japanese stylized houses at that time, and these two kinds of buildings mixed everywhere. Westernized mansions are mostly belonged to enterprises and government, while Japanese stylized houses belonged to citizens, in fact the rich people like to live in Japanese stylized houses very much.

[ June 04, 2006, 02:37 AM: Message edited by: qy_panzer ]

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qy, if your going to help me, thanks. And i mean putting in there flag sprites with the other ones in the bitmaps, when you edit it. But USA and UK's flag shouldnt be touched, i need them in the mod.

Most of the cities im including in Japan are westernized and large, such as Tokyo and Kobe. But if i use your 'common cities' then it should be fine.

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I've read your thread on how to add a country, and I know how to add flag in the bmp now, just adding it directly:)

You can find Chinese map at that time in the second row and second column.

Anyway, I can't make the flag the same as the original one, but they are similiar.

I'll help you to finish it later.


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qy panzer,

How did you make that Nationalist Chinese flag? :eek: I have been searching for information on how to create the type of textured flags featured in SC2. I even asked Hubert directly but he wasn't sure; he said an artist handled all of the work for the flags. Any information you could give would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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