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v3 edits:

v3 tries to undo some mistakes of v2 and to add new tweaks, thanks to many suggestions on the forum and some things i had been wanting to do but i was too lazy when releasing v2.

I have also weakened the allies a bit, to make things more balanced. Main idea was to uniformize many settings, to make them easier to remember.

1)austrian units now all have the axis 'look'

2)research costs increased

3)new ressources: Damascus, Polish mine

4)starting units: saoudi (-), iran (+), greece (+), Ussr (-), italy (+)

5)geographic outlays of austria and czechoslowakia remodelled

6)upgrading build limits minors (addition of new Hqs and unit names)

+ uniformising costs:

unit costs:

a)major countries: default (except russian engineers 250)

b)minor countries:

corps 50

army 80

HQ 150

engineer 100

para 150

rocket 150

tank 120

air 150

bomber 150

battleship 400

cruiser 300

sub 200

carrier 450

partisans 75

reduced costs:

canada -10% on all sea vessels

czechoslowakia -50% on all ground units

denmark -20% on all sea vessels

egypt -50% on all sea vessels

-50% on all air units

Greece -30% on all sea vessels

iceland -50% on all ground units

-20% on all sea vessels

iran -30% on all units

iraq -30% on all units

ireland -20% on all ground units

-20% on all sea vessels

norway -50% on all units

saoudi arabia -50% on all air units

spain -10% on all sea vessels

sweden -20% on all sea vessels

7)Uniformising fortification build times: majors->21 days (except Ussr&France 14), minors->14 days (except egypt&saoudi a. 7)

8)Free French -> 100% of surviving on UK ground, 30% for french navy

9)all soft build penalties at 10% (majors&minors)

10)diplomacy edits

max diplo chits 10

influence -friendly minor 50

-friendly major 125

-enemy/neutral minor 75

-enemy major 175

inflence % per chit: 10

minor influence bonus: 10 (except UK 20)

11)Unit modifiers

all ground units have carrier defense down to 0

all strategic ressources have carrier defense 0

all battleships and carriers have carrier defense down to 3

all armies have soft & tank defense up to 2

3.1 changes

-bug repaired -Turkey, Norway, Netherlands& Belgium stronger -added Netherlands with port

If you have any more suggestions, let it know and i could include them before making it available.

[ June 02, 2006, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: Qyusson ]

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Little problem with the mod.

in 37 France and UK were not a war with Germany.

I know you HAVE to have one major on each side that is active. Make UK active, that way the french troops don't start attacking ASAP and UK troops won't land in France.

France should DoW Germany once Germany attacks Poland.

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v4 is released. i think i have adressed most historical and balance issues. This will only work with SC2 patch 1.01.

v4 edits:

1)Only UK is part of the allies. France has yet to join.

2)Diplomacy and research costs altered (mostly increased)

3)unit displacements

4)some new ressources

5)War readiness of majors and minors altered (for balanced gameplay and more historical accuracy)

6)Script changes (Convoys Iran->UK, French activation..)

Thanks for your feedback.. This is how i wanted to release it in the first place.. Enjoy!

[ June 03, 2006, 06:34 PM: Message edited by: Qyusson ]

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