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Is there any chance we will have in the future a adapted 1.05a version of the very excellent "SC Script Editor v1.01" by ben CG ?

(this tool was included in 1.04 patch but unfortunatly, not in 1.05a patch)

I too would have loved to have seen an update for this too but I was unfortunately not able to contact BenCG for a possible update. If anyone hears from him don't hesitate to have him contact me if he might still be interested in updating it.

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I am not designer, not "informatic man", but I am french... :D

So, I have realized a little work, that gives an idea of what could be a "MOUSE SCRIPT MAKER TOOL": this tool would allow players to create very fast scripts only with the mouse, without txt files (very hard and long to work with)..

This MOUSE SCRIPT MAKER would work as other windows of your game editor : it just needs to create informatic associations between interface and datas.

So, Hubert : now, you have to work., :D:D my dear... because I don't know programmation ! (but I can give ideas for interface design, as I did in the sample below : here is a screen of a amphibious script windows sample.

I give here a simple link to not deform the forum(the integral image is on the "MOUSE SCRIPT MAKER " thread I opened.


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Dear Friends,

I have heared the things that are being posted here.

In a few days i will have complited a script editor just like the first one that was used in version 1,04 . The thing is that i have left a lot of things open in order to do some very interesting things.

These things are a map and click GUI.

But in order to do that i will need information of how the DAT files that are exported are used.

up to this point i have made exacly the same things as the older editor is doing with the exeption of the Save command.

Is it posibile for the creators of this fine game to provide us with feedback of how things are loaded into the map editor and how to manipulate the data?

Christos Sideris

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Thanks to have signed the petition ! ;)

I think that this system is tecnically possible and I would accept to pay the game a second time for having it ! (Hum... I already have 6 exemplary of SC2 : 4 french and 2 us :D ).

I don't know programming, but I would accept to work on the interface if one would accept to work on the system. In my opinion, the work would consist to associate click choices in screen with 0 or 1 (or other flag), as if the player had choiced 0 or 1 key (or other flag) on keyboard in a txt.file.

Even if the system would not integrate the "click on map" for making choice of goal_position, etc...and would work with (x,y) choice, it would be more easy and faster to realize scripts.

Hubert, Great Hubert, beloved Hubert, Great Sidius, beloved Sidius :D , give us please what we needs. :rolleyes:tongue.gif

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Dear Friends i am working intencivly about the map and how to import it into the editor.

The main problem is that the map in SC2 in diagonal and this creates a lot of problems. I will try to see what happens if i will create recreation of the map in square tiles and not diagonal. The editor at the moment have all the previous traits of the 1,04 script editor and i start to insert the new script. also the map for the click and play have found a place into the editor. I will contact Hubert about various things. the most important the loadable data.

soon i will have and some screen shoots.

Christos Sideris

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! tongue.giftongue.gif Please, Sidius, take care a lot when you cross the streets, do not take either the train or the plane, and return at home as soon as the night falls : you have to stay in security as long as we have not downloaded your script editor ! I sent an e-mail to the FBI to alert them. :D

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Ok friends as promished this is the first screenshoot of the clicable map editor.

so far it can only take data from the Map Generator and create a map based on the number of the given tile.

So far it is fully clickable and you can select vast amount of tiles and insert the information you want in given Scripts.

Enjoy as i did.


I await some information from Hubert in order to go to the next level.

Christos Sideris

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Yes i woudl also like to thank Fantomas for his words and ofcource Hubert for the time he spends answering my mails.

Ok here is the current feedback from the editor.

In the custom created map i have made using the Map Generator i defined some areas as ports manually.

I then clicked on the map and then stored the map locations. More than 20 convoy scripts were created in less than 2 minutes.

The project goes well but in the end everything will be for nothing if i will not have actual map information.

Is there any possibility to export a map from the Editor using the map generator encoding with some additions?

The format would be perfect if it was something like:

First two line = Dimention of map

The rest should be the same with one expetion

instead of just the TILL number it should have

TILL Number-Resource(City,Port,Mine-Oil)-countryID

so the format will be (These are the first 5 lines)

130 (width of map)

60 (Height of map)

77-0-0 (77=SeaTILL , 0 = nothing , 0 = SEA)

45-2-1 (45=beachTill , 2 = Port , 1 = UK)

50-1-5 (50=fullLand , 1 = City , 5 = Germany)

In which part of the map the tills go are determined by the line of the TEXT file.

If for example the width of the map is 30 then the 30th line (ommiting the first 2 as they are the dimentions) is the possiton 1,30

While the 31st line is the possition 2,1

I hope i do not ask a lot but without it or another way to read the dat files exported by the map this Editor and i believe any editor by gamers is bound to fail.

Christos Sideris

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Sidius: I sent at Hubert's home two or three friends I have in CIA and KGB... I presume they have the necessary material to speak with the dear Hubert... :cool: So, I think that the information which you need will be very fast awailable... :D

I think your work will be a scripting revolution. Perhaps could you realize the script window maker I suggested ? I could work for you in interface of each windows script, as necessary. tongue.gif

(This system ise base on conversion of "mouse cliks" in data 0, 1 or others flags of the game. Even you can't create the map, it would be fine to have "scripts screens" as I indicated in posted image above. ;)


So, thanks for your work tongue.gif It's bad I don't know programming, I would have be able to help you in work

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Dear Fantomas ,

I do not believe i could work with the thing you propoce.

But after talking with Hubert a very good solution was found and soon everything will be in order. Hubert you are Great. Hubert the Great.

Soon i will send you some new screenshots.

and a small info about the map.

The map is a big Grid. the size is calculated by the initial size of the map based on the first two lines of the map data. Because the grid is handling squares and not diagonial tiles the map will be more like a square rather than rectagle. But the map possition will be the same. On the map you will see information determined by color.

so while blue = sea, brown will be nutral land, some other colors will be the resources. This will give you the greater idea of how tha map will look. Like a bigger version of the minimap of the game but fully clickable. I have inserted a zoom in-zoom out function and a lot more things that i as a modder wanted.

Once the thing with the map will be solved i will open up a small talk about things you will like to see inside the editor. As this Game is a game made also by the needs and wants of the gamers , so will the editor will be.

await my screenshots.

Christos Sideris

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Ok Friends,

The editor is almost done.

some finalizations are being made.

Right now the editor , loads all scripts from a given campaign folder. You can edit and add new commands. You can also add map positions from the clickable map. tha map have the following info, Tile (Sea or land) , resource of tile ( city,oil,capital,mines,port,fortress,defences, and finally country ownership).

The only thing that wants a little fixing is the GUI of the program and a good Manual.

I will ask several players to test it and provide feedback for it.I am working closely with Hubert in order to tune in the editor with the ScriptEditor with Map. I thank yo ufor the long wait and it will be a good Xmas Gift for the modders of this great game.

Stay close for the releash date.

Christos Sideris (SidiusPOA)

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