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I will adjust Graziani and Guderian, an oversight.

I had to change the atomic bomb system as I realized that even at tech level 0, anyone can spend the MPPs and get a bomb (previously rockets). Therefore I put everyone at tech 5 to maximize the damage effects of a bomb if they have it. I then changed it so that nobody can buy anymore chits to research it. I bumped up the MPPs required for production so that only the US can realistically afford it but the USSR, Germany and UK have a very late war chance if they really want to damage their war effort. The increased cost and increased production delay will now represent the research and development of the bomb. It should work out fine. I then added a bomb to the production queue for the US in November 1945. (The system allows for them to get one earlier if they save their MPPs for a year or so, buy it and then wait another 3 years for it to appear.

The AIs are quite basic until I get the new ones that should be nearing completion? ;) I did, however, notice that the AI moves the Italian forces in East Africa around and did some attacking.

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The Axis AI is getting very near completion, just testing and tweaking right now is what is needed, and how fast it gets through that is a function of how many of you volunteer for testing. ;)

As for Allied AI, Im know that Edwin has been doing some work on it and I will start on it when I am done with the Axis, but keep in mind that until HC makes some naval changes, the Allied AI will never be complete, because the Allied forces depend on naval forces so much.

Also keep in mind, once the AI is finished, it has to be adapted to the expanded scenario, i.e. scripts for the extra regions will need to be added, and AI strategic decisions will have to be re-examined because of new territory, nations, and scripted events.

What I would like from you Honch, is a list of the event scripts that have been added to the custom scenario, plus a list of the new nation IDs and other core game changes (combat values, etc). I could pick through and get them, but I have my hands full as it is. ;) I'll start adapting the Axis AI right away. It's going to be awhile before the Allied AI is completely finished.

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Normal Dude: I will begin testing your AI scripts extensively once the first adaptation to Dave´s custom scenario is available. This way I can test the scripts plus the scenario both at the same time. Thing is that I have only limited time to actually play and therefore have to organize everything in an economic way (i.e. I cannot afford to both have games running with Dave´s and the standard scenario).

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So I checked it out, looks great, but why cut Africa in half? And not simply have arrows for the going around the Cape of Good Hope?

No really geographical.

The rest looks very nice, impressive work.

[ June 15, 2006, 05:18 PM: Message edited by: Blashy ]

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There was no need to do the extra work of adding the Southern half of Africa when little to nothing happened down there. Game play is served by having South Africa and Madagascar as "off map" tiles. The time to get around the bottom of the map is the same as if I had kept the old naval loops.

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That said, I do plan on going further East to include all of India and Burma and have Japanese and UK troops duke it out on the Eastern edge of the map. I may as well then continue South and put Antarctica in as well, as didn't the Nazis build a secret base there where they are now planning to take over the world? :D

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Dave, I somehow thought that your map already uses the maximum number of tiles in both dimensions. If not, then going further East would be great of course!

O how I long for a map including SE-Asia, China and Japan!

The thing with Africa is that a comparably big space is "wasted" because of the unaccessible tiles of the interior. This considered, I find the solution to have a more abstract geographical approach in the South a good compromise.

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Honch!!! Here's something for you!...based on your comment!.

I may as well then continue South and put Antarctica in as well, as didn't the Nazis build a secret base there where they are now planning to take over the world?
Enter the OUTER-LIMITS only if you are a 'Free-Thinker':


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Major Spinello!, ...thank's 'so-much' for your reply!.

I never used to think 'Outside The Box' or take notice of such bewilderment's that i had run across throughout my year's...as i have in the 'Secret Weapons' topic!,...but enough was enough!,...and i had to display what little i knew about the subject matter,...even if it meant deriding harassment from other forum member's!.

Because Honch triggered this memory engram,...i decided to go ahead and make it available at least in this Scenario and Mods Forum!.

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Dave, some things I noticed:

- Dobrudja to Bulgaria was missing when the Vienna Conference triggered, instead it seems that Transsylvania to Hungary was announced twice (?!)

- It seems to me that the Pocketbattleship Graf Spee should have Gun Laying Radar 1 because it had the most advanced targeting system back then. Maybe subtract another strength point to compensate.

- It seems you found new country slots? For we should somehow do a little something about the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Given the overall level of detail of your scenario, they are a bit too abstracted now. At the very least, the other capitals, Reval and Kaunas should be on the map as minor cities too.

By the way: I´m having a blast playing now! smile.gif

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I have no country slots left. If I can free one up somewhere (Maybe combine Vichy and French-West Africa again) I will put Abyssinia in first.

I haven't included Dobrudja to Bulgaria yet. Its just one tile so not a priority.

I will add the gun laying radar to the Admiral Graf Spee. I also plan on adding a few Royal Navy capital ships to the Build queue.

I thought Tallin and Vilna were the other Baltic capitals?

I will double check the Vienna conference scripts and fix anything that needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the updates!

Normal Dude has by scenario and I hope that he can have his scripts working with it soon.

I blocked off the extreme Northwest corner to add some more off map hexes at a later date. I didn't think that anyone would be sailing their ships around Baffin Island anytime soon anyway.

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Be advised that I have looked over the scripts and it will take little while to do, ie. several weeks after the vanilla scripts are released. Reason for it is that every script (All few hundred of them) must be examined line-by-line because of teh fact that the map itself, such as country positions, new cities, new countries, etc has changed. Also, several plans will be completely unworkable, since some cities have been replaced by small cities (woods) and these CANNOT be used as GOAL_POSITION in ANY AI plan other than Garrison. Thus, they cannot be the sole target of offensives or amphibeous attacks.

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- Hmm, Abbysinia is on my wishlist, too, of course. If it is liberated, can it get some troops through scripting and act a bit on its own against the remaining Italian troops there? (I hope these will not just surrender?!)

- I wonder if Guzzoni is right in Abbysinia? I don´t know really about him being in Ethiopia at that time, wasn´t he operating in Southern France in 1940? At least he had no role in the invasion of British Somaliland. Maybe we should have Amadeo d´Aosta as the Italian HQ here?

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I have not added those scripts yet for the Reichskommissariate, next version.

I have added Kaunus and moved Vilna.

I will change Guzzoni to Amadeo d'Aosta.

I have revamped much of the naval OOBs for all nations to the historical starting positions and build queues.

Abyssinia upon liberation will be able to build corps.

Lastly, which tile do you recommend for Dobrudja to Bulgaria?

Normal Dude:

I understand that its alot of work. Once the scripts are done, email them to me and I will go through them one by one for use in my scenario.

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Report: Max difficulty and enemy experience.

Got Poland on time, but lost two (!) tanks and two

armies vs. France. They still fell (thanks to the

AI's refusal to ever hunker down and defend) by

July 1940. Also took Norway, and diploed Sweden to

join by June 1941.

I wanted to wait to take on Russia, but no Yugo

coup meant they got 8 points of diplo when I DOWed

the Yugos. In the meantime thanks to the double

turns and no tech limits I was teching like crazy:

by the time the game ended (see below) by June 1942

I was maxed out in just about every important tech


The Axis made great gains in the Middle East (again

because the AI lost 3 units to overextension and

my subsequent surrounding them). Iraq we got via

diplo, took Saudis and Iranians. I just think the

Italians have too many units on the map at start,

esp. in Africa.

In Russia my upteched units, despite a late start,

took them by storm. I waited most of the winter

to uptech/elite my units, and they probably would

have rampaged in 1942 too, despite some supply

problems. While the western allies had some good

techs, the Russians had a smattering of upgraded

units (tanks +3), but a lot of their corps and

armies were 0 all the way around-easy pickings

The US launched Torch in June 1942, and got the

Algerian corps down to 1. The game then crashed

with a "Amphibious move and unload animation-

segmentation violation" error.

I would like to suggest some changes for the

Battle of the Atlantic, if you like. I'll get

back to you after some testing...

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