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Honch, are you going to update your mod for the patch? I tried to import it after patch install but Japan turns into Rep.Spain, India into Albania and some other weird effects.I hope you do update because I think this is the best mod we've seen yet. It really causes the Axis player to make some tough strategic choices regarding Italy/Africa. Also it brings the otherwise struggling Atlantic War back to life.

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Awesome Mod, Honch.

Small point. I wonder why Diego Suarez which is located on the far northern tip of the island of Madagascar is modded on the East African mainland. Is there some reason why this could not be modded offshore as the northern tip of an island? At the time, Djibouti (French Somaliland) was the only French possession on the eastern mainland of Africa.

We could replace it at that location with Lourenço Marques, a port/base in Portuguese East Africa

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@Honch: I have two suggestions regarding the further development of your scenario.

1) Slovakia should be there as an axis minor from the start. Capital Bratislava. At the moment Slovakia is unfortunately treated as part of the Reich.

2) Once Yugoslavia goes down the drain, an event should create Croatia as an axis minor ally.

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Two other little things I noticed:

1) When Poland is divided between Germany and Russia, the borders between Germany and Poland should go (as do those between Russia and Eastern Poland).

2) When Germany defeats France, it should annex the Alsace.

3) When Germany defeats Yugoslavia, it should annex Slovenia

4) It would be great if the "Vienna Conference" would be added as an event (where Romania has to cede territory to Hungary and Bulgaria).

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My next update by the weekend will include:

1. Croatia created as a puppet state of Germany with Zagreb as a capital. (I found one extra slot)

2. Annexation of Alsace and Slovenia.

3. Annexation of Western Poland. (This had been taken out as I was having problems with Free Polish units due to the loss of Warsaw as a capital, but Hubert fixed it in the patch)

4. Activation of British home guard on invasion.

5. Annexation of Dutch Guyana and French Guyana by UK after each of those countries goes down.

6. Addition of some units to the force pools.

7. Reduction in cost and attack values of minor infantry.

8. Hard build limits. (Nations will need to build minor country units once they hit the cap)

Keep the suggestions coming!


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First of all, thanks Dave for your efforts. The list for the next update looks impressive!

- Vienna Conference was on August 30, 1940. Romania ceded Transsylvania to Hungary. Actually, Bulgaria got Southern Dobrudja only somewhat later, 8 September 1940 (treaty of Craiova). However, these two things should nevertheless be handled like one event I think because Bulgaria got promised Southern Dobrudja already at Vienna. Instead of naming tiles, I will try to dig up a map.

- Annexation of Alsace should include annexation of Luxemburg

- When Barbarossa leads to occupation of the Bessarabia tiles, this stretch of country should go back to Romania.

- When Italy surrenders, but Germany is still in control of Northern Italy, Southern Tyrolia should be annexed (as was historically indeed the case).

- Actually, can you do something about Italy surrendering when it just loses Rome? I just had a game where I invaded with the UK in 41, took Naples and Rome, and even though they had a tank, a HQ and and army just North, they surrendered. This in turn severly hampered Barbarossa because lots of Italian troops in Russia just faded away.

- I´m still hoping for a way to get Slovakia. Maybe Vichy Marocco and Vichy Western Africa could be merged?

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I forgot two other things (but then we should be regarding change of political borders in Europe during the war):

- When Greece went down, Bulgaria got leave to annex part of it to get access to the Mediterranean (for game purposes just the tile South of Bulgaria).

- Romania not only got Bessarabia back, but also received Transnistria, an extension of Bessarabia up to the river Bug, INCLUDING Odessa. For game purposes we should just use a diagonal stretch of tiles North-East of Bessarabia just including Odessa.

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It seems that one way to avoid Italian early surrender after Rome is taken by amphib-invasion would be to define some substitute capital city. I suggest that they relocate their capital to Venice in such a case. However, they probably shouldn´t do this anymore if the time is past mid-July 1943 (for, else, a possible historical surrender would be botched).

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It would be cool if the incredible scripting done by Normal Dude could eventually be used for mods like yours, too (instead of just for the standard campaign). If I´m right, then the major problem seems to consist in scripts refering to specific tiles, which of course can represent different locations and properties on a custom map. But if a custom map is, like yours, a straightforward expansion of the standard map, couldn´t those scripts be adapted?

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