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I borrowed the TK mod and spiced it up a bit for a challenge against the AI (I hope he doesn't mind smile.gif . It has been uploaded at CMMods. No cheating and do not open in the editor (spoiler!). How weel can you do against the AI?

To be played as axis only on expert level against the AI. Adaptation from TK's Allied Mod. France and Poland is very tough as Poland embarked on a massive fortification system since the beginning of 1937 and France also mobilized early and set up a second maginot line surrounding Paris. The USA and USSR have also been beefed up tremendously. Before the patch, this is the ultimate challenge vs. the AI.

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No, not at all! Cool to see it used. I designed a multiplayer RTS scenario a couple years ago that a bunch of people used to make another version, and a couple of them even made it better and fixed some old issues. smile.gif Some others made it worse but in the end it's all about supporting the game and the community, and the more cool mods that are out the better for all of us!

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