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Originally posted by Chris G:

Nice try, but what happened with Italy and Greece?

Well its just a first cut. My program does the best job it can of mapping a real map to SC2 tiles but in the end a human will always have to go in and hand tweak critical areas like the Italian Boot.

A lot of false land bridges get created because land is too close together. That's what happened to Italy and Greece.

This is only supposed to be a guide that is then used to enter the map via the editor.

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LampCord, this looks like it is a pretty impressive little utility you made there smile.gif

If I added in an import/export funtionality that allowed you to import/export map sprite indexes, i.e. the number value associated with each individual sprite would this be helpful in importing these maps to SC2?

Either way send me an email at support@furysoftware.com and if you are interested, I *might* just be able to add this in for the second patch and this way your utility could be very helpful to others as well. What do you think?

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Originally posted by Fire:

Why cant Hubert just increase the maximum number of squares? I mean if the AI has problems with that, than we just make such big maps for HvH.

Give us 1000*1000 Hubert and everybody can make what he wants! ;)

Increasing the map size is a good idea, but I don't know whether it need Hubert to modify a lot of program codes.

Wish the map could be enarged.

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I am not a programer but i cant think of a reason why the program can work with 256*128 but not 512*512 or 1000*1000. I guess there is a reason, else i dont see any logic why we have this small boundaries but as i said, if it is just an AI problem, than who cares.

Than it will be a great bonus for all HvH veterans who always wanted to create THE WW2 game.



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