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Im playing the game now (im somewhere in '41.)

Spain joined my axis, and thats cool, but there are some typing mistakes i believe. For one i saw a tank or airfleet, one of those two, that costs a 1000, (instead of 100?) and updating my existing airfleet of spain takes hundreds in money aswell, must be a mistake.

For the rest, russian ai does bad on its hq's (deffending them) but that might be a thing of the game in general, and not for this mod.

The usa is only buying men sofar, might that be a change you made? (im curious about what it is going to do with it...)

Pitty about the what i think are just typos

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lol to normal dudes post. I'll update it. Seems the axis are taking a diplomatic approach. He put chits in Austria it seems but its only at 81%. I put chits in canada so it can enter early and i can get some nice convoys. I put some more chits in iraq and convoys are starting. He attacked LC and Denmark and took both. Hes preparing to attack France, but i have my troops fully entrenched and reinforced, just waiting for him to attack. Thats where we left off. This games awsome in PvP.

Salute to you Qyusson! smile.gif

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August 1938. Denmark and Benelux have fallen, but the Axis army has halted at France's border and an uneasy ceasefire developed, with the exception of some air attacks. The main action is on the diplomatic scene. Germany is trying to push her friends into the war before taking on the French army.

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july 1939, France has fallen and Poland is going to fall soon.

Italy has already gotten a modern navy and is massing for a med attack...

I like the diplomacy option and the extra nations.

Is there a way for France to not be at war?

First major thing I see is that I think Poland's military capability needs to be ramped down.

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I think UK and France should be major Allied Neutrals, at about 50% readiness, and are immune to diplomacy. Maybe France should be 60%, because chamberlain was "the appeaser", so UK should be lower.

Regarding Polands military, I see 3 options:

1-Make Polands Allied % at 30, and make it lose a corps.

2-Have Poland lose the HQ, but can buy one.

3-Have the tank in Warsaw, at str 5, with the HQ behind it, again at str 5. Have all armies at str 8, and all corps at str 10.

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I have made Poland that strong and with such a high allied-sided % to force the axis player to kill it before taking on france. If Germany moves in early to defeat France first, UK can influence Poland to join, thus creating a two-front situation that axis can barely handle in the game start. I will edit their forces anyway in next version.

The costs of 1000 and so were no typos, just a very tired 'me' smile.gif i will edit those values.

Thanks for your feedback and let know how the game goes. I myself have started a hotseat one (next to my online one against Oliva) and i am allies, very powerful.. I think overall allies have to be weakened a bit, let me know what you think about balance issues. Cya in there

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Id like to see a way of putting UK and France at lower %s but i think it would hinder gameplay.. how would those two majors be able to rise their % then? only by scripting is this possible, and i have no time to put in it, anyone up to help for a neutral france an uk script? (timskorn;)?)

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It depends on what you want to have as the "activator" for increasing France and UK's readiness. # of German units around tiles x,y and z, whenever Germany DoW's another country, etc.

The scripts are already available for other countries, you'd just have to change Country_ID and the Activation stuff for most of them. Russia, for example, already has activation scripts for when there are too few or too little German troops at the border. You could just copy that script and then change a couple things to reference France instead of Russia, and the Siegfried Line instead of the border of Russia/Germany.

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v3 edits:

v3 tries to undo some mistakes of v2 and to add new tweaks, thanks to many suggestions on the forum and some things

i had been wanting to do but i was too lazy when releasing v2.

I have also weakened the allies a bit, to make things more balanced. Main idea was to uniformize many settings, to make them easier to remember.

1)austrian units now all have the axis 'look'

2)research costs increased

3)new ressources: Damascus, Polish mine

4)starting units: saoudi (-), iran (+), greece (+), Ussr (-), italy (+)

5)geographic outlays of austria and czechoslowakia remodelled

6)upgrading build limits minors (addition of new Hqs and unit names)

+ uniformising costs:

unit costs:

a)major countries: default (except russian engineers 250)

b)minor countries:

corps 50

army 80

HQ 150

engineer 100

para 150

rocket 150

tank 120

air 150

bomber 150

battleship 400

cruiser 300

sub 200

carrier 450

partisans 75

reduced costs:

canada -10% on all sea vessels

czechoslowakia -50% on all ground units

denmark -20% on all sea vessels

egypt -50% on all sea vessels

-50% on all air units

Greece -30% on all sea vessels

iceland -50% on all ground units

-20% on all sea vessels

iran -30% on all units

iraq -30% on all units

ireland -20% on all ground units

-20% on all sea vessels

norway -50% on all units

saoudi arabia -50% on all air units

spain -10% on all sea vessels

sweden -20% on all sea vessels

7)Uniformising fortification build times: majors->21 days (except Ussr&France 14), minors->14 days (except egypt&saoudi a. 7)

8)Free French -> 100% of surviving on UK ground, 30% for french navy

9)all soft build penalties at 10% (majors&minors)

10)diplomacy edits

max diplo chits 10

influence -friendly minor 50

-friendly major 125

-enemy/neutral minor 75

-enemy major 175

inflence % per chit: 10

minor influence bonus: 10 (except UK 20)

11)Unit modifiers

all ground units have carrier defense down to 0

all strategic ressources have carrier defense 0

all battleships and carriers have carrier defense down to 3

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(at this moment i have 'won'; all countries are mine except one army in london, and i am going for the usa via canada...just landed) (its fun to make that jump across:)

But i have some scripting suggestions or remarks, its about the allies taking part in the game as ai. They nearly dont. Great Britain makes a small jump across the chanal late in the game, much too late, only after i already had air superiority and had been taking away their southern ground troops, they took Cherbourg, and stopped there. If they had been pumping units in Normandie it would atleast given them a change there, and had been making me have a much harder time getting the ussr on the knees.

But landing in France earlier would have been even a better move. usa only made one troop delivery to Great Britian in the whole game, and after i got sea superiority it only bought troops that it didnt do anything with in the game, so its points grew to 9999 points... useless. (also earlier in the game the ussr had 4000 plus points, when the axis only rose up to 250/300 each turn, and also ussr didnt do anything to unsaddle the axis attack with.)

-allies ai has to be scripted not to just defend, but also make the axis's rise much slower and harder by fighting a REAL two fronted war, before that is too late, usa shoudnt hamster too much but make use of its units for europe.

ai hardly updates its units to the research upgrades it has gotten after putting money in it.

In the beginning in the ussr i thought that was maybe because it didnt have the time, but with 4000 plus money and for example airfleet to level 3 it never updated its fleet for many turns, that while it could have made it much harder for me. (same with its tanks, level 3 but no updates in the field)

usa for example only upgrades 2 or 3 units per turn, while it has money for upgrades for all.

Its such a pitty because upgrading/keeping up with the enemy would have made the game much harder and so better.

I think its the middle start of the game for the ai allies that needs some more refinement... to keep the axis progress in line some more. (after the middle start (being in the ussr halfway, after taking France) that it got to me that the game would just go on like this and nothing much would happen anymore to upset this.

Another notice was that the ai kept comming out its harbors for the one ship i got in site, regardless of the many that where waiting for them after comming to sea. this way i could easily take care of the whole allied fleet, bit by bit.

The Fall black mod is a progress. My remarks are more about the scripts of the general game then the mod of it, i know that. Im just sharing these as thoughts...

And while im talking?:

When do all the mod peoples mods of close-up battles (like the normandy one and the stalingrad one) come out? smile.gif i think these close-up fights, of many different settings, could really get the game going (and bring the excitement back, after playing the bigger europe game a few times)

More Combat Mission type scenarios !!!

... smile.gif


[ June 03, 2006, 02:57 AM: Message edited by: theike ]

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I have a suggestion based on my game w/ fartknocker.

The diplomacy feature as it is now is way too powerful. Right now the US or Russian can easily be brought into the game within a couple of turns. Either the number of chits needs to be decreased, or the % chance of them needs to be decreased.

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@theike: hopefully patch 1.1 will solve those ai problems. This scenario's main design is for pvp experience.

@Normaldude: Diplomacy is very powerful.. for both sides. Ive playtested it twice and ussr got brought down to 0% during some time. It really depends how you invest your diplo chits. In the other game ive learned that early uk diplo into ussr or usa is necessary to counter the axis diplo towards those countries. You could get unlucky and see them join very fast, but it should be easy to counter...

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v4 is released. i think i have adressed most historical and balance issues.. This will only work with SC2 patch 1.01.

v4 edits:

1)Only UK is part of the allies. France has yet to join.

2)Diplomacy and research costs altered (mostly increased)

3)unit displacements

4)some new ressources

5)War readiness of majors and minors altered (for balanced gameplay and more historical accuracy)

6)Script changes (Convoys Iran->UK, French activation..)

Thanks for your feedback.. This is how i wanted to release it in the first place.. Enjoy!

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--- v 4.1 available ---

1)Fixed the French activation. France will now declare war on Germany when Axis DOW's Poland.

2)Fixed some balance issue (Germany, Italy and GB have altered production queues and units on the map)

3)Updated to work in SC2 v1.02


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