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Yes, right : 1939. ;) I said 1936-1938, because it's the period I considered for a mod : in 1939, the military aspect is decided and the republican army does not represent any more a force capable of resisting to the nationalist army. So, end of civil war will not be challenge in game.

Perhaps I will do it next year, after my Falkland's war mod (I have one other project : Kippur 73, and I have not decided the one I will choice first).

If you know any documentation site about military forces and situations during this civil war, I am interrested ;)

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Well, is it possible to have just Germany activated and all others at some stage of activation? I could then script events like:

1. Germany reoccupy rhineland or 20% decrease in production capacity for Germany on so and so date?...once occupied then France and UK activation goes up.

2. Same idea with Czech...German navy...etc.

I could have a seies of events that the German player would have to choose to either lose German capacity (due to political or economic need) or increase allied activation due to actions.

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